Wipeout 3

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Getting started (10 points): Finished your first episode. It was fun, wasn't it?
    Classic! (15 points): Finished the "Classic Wipeout" episode. Enjoy the wonderful memories!
    Wipeout 101 (15 points): Finished the "Getting Schooled" episode and graduated from Wipeout 101.
    Greasy wipeouts (15 points): Finished the "Fast Food Fury" episode. Please cover your mouth if you burp.
    Sweet wipeouts (15 points): Finished the "Disenchanted Forest" episode. And we told you not to lick the sweepers.
    Volcanic wipeout! (15 points): Finished the "Terrible Tiki Trouble" episode. Give me a hula yeah!
    Seasoned (40 points): Finished all episodes. You are a true big ball prodigy!
    Level up! (10 points): Reached level 2. A small step for you but a grand day for Wipeout!
    Novice (15 points): Reached level 5. Way to go, big ball aficionado!
    Pro (35 points): Reached level 10. You're a real Wipeout pro!
    Expert (50 points): Reached level 15. You're unstoppable!
    Black and blue worthy (80 points): Reached level MAX and became as skilled as the Black and Blue crew.
    Pocket money (15 points): Spent 100,000 worth of Ballsy Bucks in the shop. Shopping spree!
    Big spender (30 points): Spent 500,000 worth of Ballsy Bucks in the shop. That's a lot of Ballsy bucks!
    Snappy dresser (50 points): Bought everything in the shop. You now have the snappiest wardrobe in town!
    Touching Smallsy (15 points): Touched Smallsy once. We can tell you two are going to be friends.
    The Smallsy connection (35 points): Touched Smallsy 3 times. The relationship is blooming!
    Oh yeah! (50 points): Touched Smallsy 12 times. Best friends forever!
    Something to prove (30 points): Finished one episode in "Black and Blue" mode.
    That was easy (40 points): Finished all episodes in "Black and Blue" mode. That was easy!
    On the 1st day (10 points): Got your daily reward once. Free stuff is always good stuff.
    Dynamic trio (30 points): Unlocked all hosts. The dynamic trio is on the loose!
    Ring grabber (10 points): Collected all the rings of one round.
    All the rings in the world (80 points): Collected all the rings in all episodes. No rings can escape you!
    Golden Ballsy (20 points): Got 1 Golden Ballsy trophy. Magnificent!
    Halfway golden (50 points): Got 6 Golden Ballsy trophies. They look great over your fireplace!
    Covered in gold (100 points): Got all Golden Ballsy trophies. You can't get more golden than this!
    28 everyday men and women (50 points): Unlocked all contestants.
    Ring master (30 points): Collected at least 200 rings. They're so nice and shiny!
    Mega spender (40 points): Spent 2,000,000 worth of Ballsy Bucks in the shop. That's a lot of Ballsy Bucks!
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