Wits And Wagers

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Go For Broke (5 points): Bet all chips on one answer.
    Small Favors (20 points): A correct bet on the lower than all bet.
    Best Bet (25 points): Three correct bets in a single game.
    House Party (5 points): Play with three friends on one Xbox 360 console.
    Block Party (20 points): Play with five people in one game.
    Connected (20 points): Play with ten different people online.
    Friendly (25 points): Play fifty games online.
    My Favorite (5 points): Receive a MVP award.
    Congeniality Award (20 points): Receive ten MVP awards.
    Body Movin' (10 points): Dance on every round.
    Wits Fan (30 points): Play fifty games.
    Super Wit (15 points): Answer all seven hundred questions of Wits And Wagers.
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