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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Fast Learner (10 points): Completed all the tutorial levels (boot camp).
    The Trooper (20 points): Completed all the campaign missions.
    Worminator (20 points): Killed a total of 300 worms in online matches.
    Social Butterfly (20 points): Played with 20 players online.
    Class Act (20 points): Acquired 4 of each class.
    Worm Winner (45 points): Completed all the single player content.
    Buddy, buddy (20 points): Winner in 10 allied matches online.
    Upstairs Wares (20 points): Completed all the puzzle missions.
    The Hard One (10 points): Performed over 500 damage in one turn.
    Wrecking Ball (15 points): Smashed up one of each type of physics object.
    Glug Glug Glug (10 points): Spent 5 consecutive turns under water.
    One for the Money (10 points): Completed a single player level.
    Scout Killer (10 points): Killed 10 enemy scout worms in online matches.
    Soldier Killer (10 points): Killed 10 enemy soldier worms in online matches.
    Heavy Killer (10 points): Killed 10 enemy heavy worms in online matches.
    Scientist Killer (10 points): Killed 10 enemy scientist worms in online matches.
    Squashed (10 points): Killed an enemy worm with a physics object squashing them.
    Boom Boom (10 points): Killed a worm with an exploding physics object.
    Home Sweet Home (10 points): Completed 10 fort games.
    Tarzan (10 points): Performed 5 repeat rope swings.
    Death from Above (10 points): Killed a worm with a weapon fired from the parachute.
    My Gun, My Kill (10 points): Killed 10 enemy worms with a placed sentry gun.
    Wormicide (20 points): Killed 1000 enemy worms.
    Kleptomaniac (10 points): Collected 100 weapon or utility crates.
    Nightingale (10 points): Collected 100 health crates.
    Claymore More (10 points): Dropped 50 mines.
    Bug Gulp (10 points): Killed 50 enemy worms by knocking them into the water.

Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

    Asinus (10 points): Used the fabled Concrete Donkey.
    How Rude (10 points): Won 5 games killing the last worm with a prod.

The following achievements require the "Mars Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    Strife on Mars (10 points): Complete all the Mars DLC Campaign missions.
    New Kit (10 points): Use each of the Buffalo, Poison Gun, Lightning Strike and Crate Strike at least once.
    Re-animator (10 points): Resurrect at least one worm using the Lightning Strike.
    Trampled Upon (10 points): Kill at least one worm using the Buffalo.
    Mars Rover (10 points): Win at least 5 online games in the Mars theme.
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