WWE WrestleFest

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    First Win (20 points): Scored your first victory!
    Teamwork (20 points): Scored your first tag team win!
    Rumble Winner (40 points): Royal Rumble Winner!
    Show Stopper (30 points): Mr. Saturday Night Main Event.
    The Champ Is Here (20 points): A Champion was born!
    Living Legend (40 points): Won 3 championships!
    Hall of Famer (60 points): Won 5 championships!
    Survivor (30 points): Won 5 matches in a row!
    Gladiator (60 points): Won 15 matches in a row!
    Gamer (20 points): Played all modes.
    Ring Veteran (30 points): Won 100 total matches!
    Immortal (30 points): Won 500 total matches!

The following achievements require the "Tag Team Champions Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    Expert (15 points): Use all of the "Tag Team Champions Pack" Superstars to win a match in Exhibition Mode.
    It's a Big, Big Show tonight! (15 points): Win 5 Championships in Road to WrestleMania Mode with the Big Show.
    Oh What a Rush! (20 points): Use Road Warrior Hawk and Animal as a team to win 5 Championships in Road to WrestleMania Mode.
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