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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Alexander Bell (20 points): Craft 50 Items.
    Benjamin Franklin (20 points): Craft 500 Items.
    Henry Ford (20 points): Craft 1500 Items.
    Thomas Edison (50 points): Craft 5000 Items.
    The Grave Digger (20 points): Kill 10 zombies.
    The Embalmer (20 points): Kill 100 zombies.
    The Mortician (20 points): Kill 500 zombies.
    The Funeral Director (50 points): Kill 2500 zombies.
    Christopher Columbus (5 points): Travel 10 Kilometers.
    Alive and Kicking (10 points): Reached 125 in Wellness.
    Cause He's The Ax Man (15 points): Craft your first Stone Ax.
    Good in the Sack (10 points): Place your first bedroll, old bed or king sized bed.
    Playing Doctor (10 points): Stop a critical bleed-out with a bandage, first aid bandage or first aid kit.
    Handy Man (10 points): Craft your first wood frame.
    The Homestead Act (15 points): Place your first Land Claim.
    Napoleon (10 points): Kill 10 Players.
    Julius Caesar (20 points): Kill 100 other players.
    Genghis Khan (20 points): Kill 500 other players.
    Alexander the Great (50 points): Kill 2500 other players.
    Ferdinand Magellan (10 points): Travel 50 Kilometers.
    Marco Polo (20 points): Travel 250 Kilometers.
    Neil Armstrong (50 points): Travel 1000 Kilometers.
    Bite the Dust (10 points): Die 5 Times.
    Knock em Dead (15 points): Die 25 Times.
    Your Number's Up (20 points): Die 100 Times.
    Meet Your Maker (25 points): Die 500 Times.
    Fit as a Fiddle (20 points): Reached 150 in Wellness.
    Healthy as a Horse (20 points): Reached 175 in Wellness.
    The Picture of Good Health (50 points): Reached 200 in Wellness.
    Scavenger (5 points): Scored 10 in a Single Game.
    Adventurer (10 points): Scored 50 in a Single Game.
    Nomad (20 points): Scored 250 in a Single Game.
    Warrior (50 points): Scored 500 in a Single Game.
    Survivalist (100 points): Scored 1000 in a Single Game.
    Brush With Death (10 points): 50 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game.
    Near Death Experience (20 points): 150 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game.
    Cheated Death (25 points): 500 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game.
    Nearly Immortal (75 points): 1250 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game.

Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

    On Top of the World (10 points): Get up to the 255 meter height in a game.
    Dig Deep (10 points): Get down to 3 meters or bedrock in a game.
    The Polar Bare Club (10 points): Be naked, feels like temperature 0° or lower, and 100% wet.
    Dirty Larry (10 points): Kill 44 punks with a 44 magnum.
    Evil Knievel (10 points): Break your leg.
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