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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Liberator Shah (90 points): Acquire all other achievements.
    Array of Heroes (35 points): Unlock all playable characters.
    The Zenith Star (35 points): Clear Story Mode.
    Glory of the Mardān (10 points): Achieve an overall S Rank for the first time.
    Untouched Perfection (10 points): Clear any scenario other than a Tutorial without taking any damage.
    Gale Speed (10 points): Clear any scenario other than a Tutorial in 2 minutes or less.
    Bold and Brave (10 points): Clear any scenario other than a Tutorial on "Extreme" difficulty.
    Unstoppable Force (10 points): Achieve 1000 KOs in any scenario.
    Rush to Victory (35 points): Achieve 50000 CHAIN hits during a Mardān Rush.
    Veteran of the Rush (35 points): Activate Mardān Rush a total of 200 times.
    Combination Master (35 points): Achieve 500 CHAIN hits.
    Master of Two Weapons (35 points): Activate 500 Chain Strikes.
    Marzbān (10 points): Activate a Mardān Rush.
    Dual Weapons (10 points): Activate a Chain Strike.
    A Killer Strike (10 points): Activate a Special Move.
    Personal Attacks (10 points): Activate a Unique Skill.
    Unmatched Mardān (10 points): Reach the maximum level with a character for the first time.
    Novice Cook (10 points): Eat some cooking for the first time.
    Weapon Master (10 points): Achieve maximum Mastery with a weapon for the first time.
    First Synthesis (10 points): Synthesize a Skill Card for the first time.
    First Sale (10 points): Sell a Skill Card for the first time.
    Beginning Card Collector (10 points): Obtain a Limited Skill Card for the first time.
    Brother-at-Heart (10 points): Clear a scenario in Online Mode or cooperative play.

Additionally, there are 18 secret achievements:

    Court Chef (75 points): Collect all Recipe Books.
    Martial Arts Master (75 points): Achieve maximum Mastery for all weapons.
    Card Fanatic (75 points): Acquire all Limited Skill Cards.
    Mardān fu Mardān (75 points): Acquire an S Rank for every Objective in all scenarios other than the Tutorials.
    Veteran Mardān (35 points): Clear all scenarios.
    Dawn of War (10 points): Clear a scenario for the first time.
    The Defeated (10 points): Clear the Battle of Atropatene.
    The True Shah (10 points): Defeat Kharlan.
    The Eastern Fortress (10 points): Regroup with your companions in Peshawar.
    Sher Senani (35 points): Defeat Bahadur in the Duel Before the Gods.
    Shirghir (10 points): Clear an Extra Scenario for the first time.
    Elam's Secret Ways (10 points): Discover a secret route.
    A Father Avenged (10 points): Defeat Hilmes using Alfarīd.
    Father and Son (10 points): Defeat Kharlan using Zandeh.
    Stalwart Knight (10 points): Achieve a total of 1000 KOs using mounted attacks.
    All Forces, Yashasuiin (35 points): Activate a Mardān Rush with all characters.
    All In A Rush (35 points): Achieve a total of 10000 KOs using Mardān Rush.
    Winged Hero (10 points): Attack using Azrael.
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