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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Gemcholic (15 points): Collect 1000 Gems in a single run.
    50000 !! (100 points): Collect total of 50000 Gems.
    A book worth reading (10 points): Find a skill book.
    Always wanted one of these ! (10 points): Make a deal with Reaper.
    Cloudy with a chance of Hadouken (5 points): Ran out of time.
    This might help (20 points): Level up a skill.
    No Goo can stop me ! (10 points): Clear the first world.
    Riches ! (25 points): Collect 10000 Gems.
    Bookworm (200 points): Find All Skill books.
    Temple Raider (20 points): Clear the second world.
    You shall not drill ! (30 points): Clear the third World.
    I want my gold back ! (125 points): Complete the game.
    Is this a good idea ? (20 points): Sell your soul to the Reaper.
    Breaker (25 points): Break 200 vases.
    Bard the Warrior (30 points): Defeat 250 enemies.
    I believe in reincarnation (10 points): Die 5 Times.
    Treasure Hunter (25 points): Unlock 20 chests.
    Invincible (150 points): Clear a world without losing a single life.
    Feeling Safe (10 points): Buy a Shield.
    Spender (30 points): Spend 2000 Gems in shop.

Additionally, there are seven secret achievements:

    I ain't Afraid of No Ghost (20 points): Defeat the Blood Ghost.
    You've got yourself a deal (5 points): Find the secret discount.
    a TOWER!? (20 points): Discover tower of patience.
    The Shadow (20 points): Kill the creep of shadows.
    Treasure Room (30 points): Find a bonus level.
    Bardlock H. (10 points): Find a hidden treasure.
    Secret Hunter (25 points): Find 100 Secrets.
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