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Easy "Adventure" achievement

In Chapter 4, after feeding the seagulls, turnaround and go back to the bridge. While on the bridge, you can interact with the flowers on the right side. This will cause a cutscene where Rae will pick some flowers and drop them in the stream. After the cutscene, proceed over the bridge, and stay to the left wall. You will reach an open gate. Go through it and over the bridge you saw in the cutscene, and interact with the flowers that are stuck on the rock to the side of the bridge to get the "Adventure" achievement.

Easy "Attraction" achievement

Collect all five butterflies in Chapter 6 to get the "Attraction" achievement. They are found in the following locations:

    Butterfly 1: This is near the start of the chapter. Follow the train tracks to the end, turn 90 degrees right, and walk forward slightly to your right to find it near two tree stumps.

    Butterfly 2: This is by B1. Follow the tree line from the right side of the tracks to get it just before reaching the stream.

    Butterfly 3: After you exit from the tunnel, stay to the right wall, and keep following it along the trees/bushes to find it.

    Butterfly 4: Keep following the same path from B3 to reach some train tracks. The butterfly is by the logs on the opposite side of the tracks.

    Butterfly 5: After crossing the stepping stones, go left until you hit a wall. Turn to the left, and follow the wall until you reach a metal fence. Turn left again to reach an opening in the fence. Go through it to find the final butterfly.

Easy "Bravery" achievement

At the end of Chapter 3, after you climb over a fence, a dog will scare you and you will be forced to move backwards, eventually making you trip and fall. Once you get back up, simply interact with the dog to get the "Bravery" achievement.

Easy "Courage" achievement

In Chapter 2, after you see the scarecrow and cross the fence, stay to the right, and you will come across a pen with a cow. Simply walk around the pen and pick up some flowers, then interact with the cow. You will drop the flowers. Pick some more flowers, and give them to the cow again to get the "Courage" achievement.

Easy "Lonely" achievement

In Chapter 3, you will meet Lily, who will ask you to get a ball for her. Follow the fence on the right side of the path to enter the park. The first thing you will reach is a roundabout. To the right of it is the swing set. Simply interact with the swing to get the "Lonely" achievement.

Easy "Persistence" achievement

In Chapter 2, after you see the scarecrow and cross the fence, stay to the left, and you will come across a bridge. Go over the bridge, and you will see some crows. Move towards them, and they will turn into chickens. Open the pen, get behind a chicken, and guide it over the bridge to get the "Persistence" achievement.

Easy "Thoughtful" achievement

In Chapter 4, while walking through the streets, Rae will notice there is bread close by. Pick it up, and proceed along the path. Once you walk over a bridge, turn right, go through a gate, and walk along the stream until you see the ducks. Interact with them to get the "Thoughtful" achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Closure (200 points): Complete your journey.

Additionally, there are nine secret achievements:

    Courage (80 points): Feed the cow by hand.
    Imagination (200 points): Find all Nani experiences.
    Truth (100 points): Discover everything's true identity.
    Persistence (80 points): Get a chicken across the bridge.
    Bravery (60 points): Overcome your fear of the dog.
    Attraction (80 points): Collect all 5 butterflies.
    Thoughtful (60 points): Feed the ducks.
    Lonely (60 points): Sit on the swing.
    Adventure (80 points): Follow and free the flower.
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