Blast 'Em Bunnies



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Boss Killer! (10 points): Defeat 10 Bosses.
    You da Boss Now! (15 points): Defeat 100 Bosses.
    Easy Pickings (10 points): Kill 10,000 Blue Bunnies
    Tough Tykes (10 points): Kill 5,000 Yellow Bunnies.
    Viscious Villains (10 points): Kill 2,500 Red Bunnies.
    Ooh Shiny (5 points): Send a Golden Bunny back to its burrow.
    Every Little Helps (5 points): Shoot a coin.
    Junior Saver (10 points): Collect 1,000 coins.
    Piggy Bank (15 points): Collect 10,000 coins.
    Cash Cow (20 points): Collect 50,000 coins.
    High Roller (25 points): Collect 100,000 coins.
    First Blood (5 points): Kill an evil bunny.
    Getting a taste for this... (10 points): Kill 100 evil bunnies.
    The fur, the fur... (15 points): Kill 500 evil bunnies.
    Must shoot more stuff... (20 points): Kill 1,000 evil bunnies.
    Can't stop now... (25 points): Kill 5,000 evil bunnies.
    I see dead bunnies... (30 points): Kill 10,000 evil bunnies.
    Kabang! (5 points): Kill 3 evil bunnies in 10 seconds.
    Kaboom!! (10 points): Kill 5 evil bunnies in 30 seconds.
    Ka... Wow!!! (15 points): Kill 10 evil bunnies in 60 seconds.
    Ooh so cute! (5 points): Save a baby bunny.
    Aaarrggh take this! (10 points): Enter frenzy mode for the first time.
    I can't stop shooting!! (15 points): Enter frenzy mode 20 times.
    All Nighter (5 points): Survive for a full in game day (6 Minutes).
    Night Owl (10 points): Survive for 2 full in game days (12 Minutes).
    Insomniac (15 points): Survive for 3 full in game days (18 Minutes).
    Protector (15 points): Save 16 baby bunnies.
    Family Reunion! (35 points): Save 32 baby bunnies.
    Easy Money! (5 points): Complete a Normal Mission.
    Getting my fix (10 points): Complete 5 Normal Missions.
    New Hobby (15 points): Complete 10 Normal Missions.
    Part Time Job (20 points): Complete 20 Normal Missions.
    A New Career (30 points): Complete 40 Normal Missions.
    Someone help me... (40 points): Complete 60 Normal Missions.
    Today's work (5 points): Complete a Daily Mission.
    Workin' 9-5 (10 points): Complete 5 Daily Missions.
    Still Playin' (15 points): Complete 10 Daily Missions.
    I've come this far... (20 points): Complete 15 Daily Missions.
    Dedication's what you need (25 points): Complete 20 Daily Missions.
    All puffed out! (30 points): Complete 30 Daily Missions.
    Bang you're dead! (5 points): Get knocked out for the first time.
    They go BOOM! (5 points): Shoot a grenade out of the sky.
    Uncovered (5 points): Destroy a Blocker's shield.
    Trickshot (5 points): Kill a Blocker without destroying its shield.
    Craftyshot (5 points): Destroy a Blocker's shield then shoot its bomb.
    The bigger they are... (10 points): Defeat a boss without taking any damage.
    Keepin' it cool (5 points): Last 2 minutes without your weapon overheating.
    Ouch they hurt! (10 points): Die from a final hit from each bunny type.
    Death Sucks (15 points): Die 50 times.
    Give me POWER!! (5 points): Purchase a weapon upgrade.
    Rifle of DEATH! (10 points): Purchase all Carrot Rifle upgrades.
    Mortargeddon! (10 points): Purchase all Turnip Mortar upgrades.
    Machinegun Maniac! (10 points): Purchase all Watermelon Machinegun upgrades.
    I love LASERS!! (10 points): Purchase all Runnerbean Laser upgrades.
    Fully Loaded! (30 points): Purchase all upgrades for all weapons.
    I <3 more health! (5 points): Purchase your first heart.
    A <3 supreme! (35 points): Purchase all the hearts.
    It goes boom! (5 points): Purchase your first weapon.
    Tooled up! (35 points): Purchase all the weapons.
    Blammo! (5 points): Purchase your first ammo type.
    A crate full! (15 points): Purchase all Carrot Rifle ammo types.
    A barrel of bangs! (15 points): Purchase all Turnip Mortar ammo types.
    A pile of pips! (15 points): Purchase all Watermelon Machine Gun ammo types.
    A lick of lasers! (15 points): Purchase all Runnerbean Laser ammo types.
    Too many toys! (20 points): Purchase all ammo types for all weapons.
    Easy Peasy! (5 points): Pass Survival: Easy Mode.
    That's Normal? (10 points): Pass Survival: Normal Mode.
    Hard for some! (15 points): Pass Survival: Hard Mode.
    Survivor! (20 points): Survive 30 Very Hard Mode Waves.
    Slaughtered (5 points): Complete Slaughter: Normal Mode.
    Super Effort (10 points): Complete Slaughter: Super Mode.
    Ultra Player (20 points): Complete Slaughter: Ultra Mode.
    Bang, the Boss goes down! (5 points): Defeat your first boss.
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