Blood Bowl 2

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Made-to-measure team (15 points): You have created a team.
    Expert strategist (15 points): You have studied the composition of an opposition team.
    Favour of the Golden College (50 points): You have trained a team to a treasury level of 500,000.
    Misanthrope (20 points): You have won a match in a solo league.
    Real-life opponent (20 points): You have faced a coach in a multiplayer league.
    Law of the market (20 points): You bought a player in the transfer market.
    Competitor (30 points): You have arrived in a competition final.
    Newbie manager (15 points): You have hired a member of staff for a team and purchased an enhancement for its stadium.
    The Grim Reaper (30 points): You lost a player in a match (League or Campaign).
    Cheerleaders (15 points): You have hired Cheerleaders for your team.
    Unnatural (30 points): You made Mutated a player by increasing his level.
    To the slaughterhouse (20 points): You have bought and fired a player without him even playing a match.
    Horned Rat (40 points): You mutated a Skaven player with the Horns skill.
    Agility at its best (40 points): You have taught an Agility skill to a Dwarf player.
    Not so fast! (30 points): You intercepted opponent's Pass (League or Campaign).
    What a pity (40 points): You gained an MVP mention for a dead player (League or Campaign).
    One down! Who's next? (15 points): You have won the first match of the Campaign.
    New Coach (15 points): You have levelled up as coach.
    Unassailable defence (30 points): You won a match without conceding a Touchdown (League or Campaign).
    Beat it! (30 points): You pushed 3 opposition players off the pitch in the same match (League or Campaign).
    In dodge we trust (40 points): You finished a match with an elf team without incurring any injuries (League or Campaign).
    Favour of the Amethyst College (50 points): You have trained a team until it has killed 5 opponents (League or Campaign).
    Favour of the Jade College (50 points): You have a team whose value is greater than 1900.
    Favour of the Grey College (50 points): You have trained a player to level 7.
    Golden goose (40 points): You sold a level 7 player on the transfer market.
    Coliseum (50 points): You have improved a stadium to its maximum level.
    Grand exterminator (50 points): You have completed the Campaign and saved the Old World.
    Outstanding coach (50 points): You have reached the maximum level as coach (20).
    Accomplished coach (50 points): You have won a match in a multiplayer league.
    Spike! magazine award (50 points): You have reached a Fan Factor of 10.
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