Carmageddon: Max Damage



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Wrecked 'em! (20 points): Wreck your first Opponent.
    Metal Mangling Mutha (20 points): Finish a Classic Carma Event by Wrecking all the Opponents.
    Long Distance Runaround (30 points): Complete the Mile Muncher Mission.
    Hood Ornament (30 points): Complete the Ped Popper Mission.
    Got the Point (30 points): Complete the They Don't Like It Up 'Em Mission.
    Heads and Tails (30 points): Complete the Split Personality Mission.
    A Mountain of Meat! (40 points): Kill 50 targeted Peds in Ped Chase.
    A Ton of Tin! (40 points): Wreck 100 Opponents in Car Crusher.
    A Load of Laps! (40 points): Complete 60 Laps in Death Race.
    A Century of Checkpoints! (40 points): Hit 100 Checkpoints in Checkpoint Stampede.
    Fox Me! (40 points): Be the Fox for half an hour in Fox 'n' Hounds.
    Here In My Cars (30 points): Complete the Hotwiring Hotstuff Mission.
    MultiSlay Champ (30 points): Complete the MultiSlayer Mission.
    Proudly Unhinged (50 points): Finish a Classic Carma Event by Killing all the Peds.
    You're Once, Twice, 10x a Psycho (20 points): Get a x10 Ped Kill Combo.
    Truly a Stunning... (20 points): Achieve 60 Cunning Stunts.
    Bush Master (30 points): Collect 55 Smelly Bushes.
    Three Way Action! (30 points): Finish one Classic Carma Event in all three ways.
    You'll Take Someone's Eye Out With That (20 points): Achieve a Suck My Parts or Collateral Damage Bonus.
    Max Damage! (100 points): Complete the Up Your Carma Mission.
    MP MegaPeep Mangler (50 points): Complete the MP MegaPeep Mission.
    50 Shades of Red (50 points): Complete 63 different Career Events on any Difficulty.
    Ooh, You Mean There's More..? (20 points): Unlock Chapter 2 in the Career.
    Are We Nearly There Yet? (20 points): Unlock Chapter 10 in the Career.
    Filled 'Er Up! (30 points): Buy and Equip 12 Parts in the Parts Shop for one Car.
    Slap It In The Slot (20 points): Customise your car by visiting the Parts Shop and buying a part.
    Total Banker (50 points): Complete the Bulging Purse Mission.
    Edurcation, Edducashion... ah forget it (20 points): Complete the tutorial. You swot.
    Kick Me! (30 points): Kill 16,666 Peds.
    Batwick Will Be... Disappointed (20 points): Finish a Classic Carma Event by Completing all the Laps.
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