Clockwork Tales: Of Glass And Ink
Easy "Catch Them All" achievement

Search the indicated locations to find all 11 underground steambugs in the following order:

  • In the first area after leaving the elevator, hanging on a stalactite at the top left.
  • At the drawbridge, on top of the console.
  • In the Golem Parts Storeroom, behind the red flag on the top right.
  • In the Differential Machine room, under the drop-down ladder. It must be collected before lowering the ladder.
  • In the Golem Factory room, on the floor at the far end.
  • In Ink's cell, under the bed sheet.
  • In Barber's Office, on the series of tubes on the right side.
  • At Central Machine, to the left of the large spinning silver gear at the top.
  • On the right balcony, on the left pipe above the mine cart.
  • On the left balcony, directly above the large silver box.
  • In the central chamber, on a pipe at the top left.

Easy "People Person" achievement

Start the game and talk to everyone in the inn before and after the kidnapping, including the mob outside to get the "People Person" achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    People Person (30 points): Talk to everyone at the inn.
    First of Many (20 points): Find your first steambug.
    Entomologist (100 points): Find all Hochwald steambugs.
    Master Debugger (100 points): Find all castle steambugs.
    Catch Them All (100 points): Find all underground steambugs.
    Spy Master (150 points): Complete the game on Expert Difficulty.
    Prequel (50 points): Finish the bonus chapter.
    No Skipping (30 points): Finish 3 minigames without skipping.
    Marksman (50 points): Complete a HO scene without more than a single mistake.
    The Challenge (75 points): Solve all minigames without skipping.
    Undercover Agent (75 points): Complete the game on Normal Difficulty.

Additionally, there are seven secret achievements:

    Amongst Bugs (20 points): Finish your first FROG puzzle.
    Too Many Legs (30 points): Get rid of Barber's Myriapod.
    Hello, Birdie (30 points): Get Matthew up and running.
    Gliding Over All (30 points): Get to Barber's castle.
    Even Deeper (30 points): Enter Barber's underground laboratory.
    My Savior (30 points): Rescue Dr. Ink.
    World Owes You (30 points): Destroy Barber's Tremor Machine.
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