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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Ain't No Thang (20 points): Dodge ten homing missiles without dying.
    Dodge This (10 points): Kill an enemy with a scoped bullet.
    Catch! (10 points): Kill one enemy using physics.
    Getting Hairy (10 points): Perfectly deflect a scoped bullet.
    One Inch Kick (10 points): Kill an enemy with your feet.
    I Come From A Land Down Under (10 points): Kill an enemy with a Boomerang boosted by a Force Device.
    They do Flash and Bang! (10 points): Blind one enemy with one flashbang.
    Got the Moves (50 points): Reach level 10 dance.
    Pogo Stick (20 points): Kill two enemies without touching the ground.
    Kicking it Around (10 points): Kill an enemy with a kicked grenade.
    Missed Me (10 points): Dodge a homing missile.
    Team Spirit (20 points): Win one round of Team-Strike with whole team surviving.
    Stayin' Alive (20 points): Win a deathmatch without dying a single time.
    Sharing is Caring (10 points): Heal two players with one nano dispenser.
    Stay Out Of Trouble Bopo (10 points): Protect Bopo in Survival.
    Rolling has Many Uses (10 points): Kill an enemy with a deflected bullet.
    Faster than Most (10 points): Complete a speed challenge under mountainhammer time.
    Intergalactic rodeo (20 points): Tame a Sabretooth Hamster.
    Beating a Rock (10 points): Mine one block.
    That's How I Roll (10 points): Kill an enemy while rolling.
    18 months in Prison (20 points): Hack one Computer.
    Keeping Cautious (10 points): Win two Team-Strike rounds in a row without dying.
    Brawn (70 points): Complete all combat challenge maps.
    That's How I Punch (10 points): Kill an enemy with a punch to the head while rolling in the air.
    Practice makes Perfect (10 points): Boost one reload.
    Two for One (10 points): Kill two enemies with one bullet.
    Faster Than Average (10 points): Complete a speed challenge under par time.
    Pacifist Commando (10 points): Beat a combat challenge without firing a weapon or throwable.
    Good Samaritan (20 points): Free one prisoner.
    Making Darwin Proud (70 points): Win TS-match without dying.
    Overcharged (10 points): Kill enemy with klonk.
    Respectable in all Aspects (100 points): Unlock all unlocks.
    Blitz (70 points): Complete all speed challenge maps.
    Timing is Everything (10 points): Perfectly deflect a bullet.
    Doublesplosion (10 points): Kill two enemies at once.
    Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (10 points): Find one secret.
    Cerebral Player (10 points): Finish survival round as brain.
    What Goes Around... (10 points): Kill an enemy with a punched grenade.
    Doing it Yourself (10 points): Buy one Upgrade.
    Let Them Come (70 points): Complete survival game without dying.
    Ace (10 points): Wiped the entire opposing team in Team-Strike.
    Forgot My Keys (10 points): Lockpick one door.
    Petty Thief (10 points): Crack one Safe.
    Unmatched, unscathed (10 points): Beat a combat challenge with 100% accuracy and 100% health.
    Surgical Strike (10 points): Complete combat challenge by only eliminating the targets.
    You killed the radio star (10 points): Destroy one Radio.
    Brains (70 points): Complete all brain challenge maps under mountainhammer time.
    So you can Dance? (10 points): Dance to the tune of a radio playing music.
    Italian Stallion (10 points): Complete survival wave without firing a weapon or throwing a grenade.
    Precious Cargo (10 points): Rescue all prisoners in a combat challenge without them recieving any damage.
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