Destiny: Rise Of Iron

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Mountain Climber (20 points): Complete the "King of the Mountain" mission.
    The Young Wolf (40 points): Complete the "Rise of Iron" quest.
    Student of History (40 points): Activate all Iron Lord Artifacts.
    Supremacy (20 points): Complete the "Glory and the Taking of It" quest.
    Eye for an Eye (20 points): Complete the "Kovik's Sin" quest.
    Forging Ahead (20 points): Complete an encounter in the Archon's Forge.
    Spliced (20 points): Complete the "Wrath of the Machine" raid.
    Splicer God (50 points): Complete the "Wrath of the Machine" raid on heroic difficulty.

Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

    Sing the Iron Song (20 points): Play the Rise of Iron theme on the bells in the Iron Temple.
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