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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Second Place (40 points): Get beaten to the jetpack by the DGen.
    Baby Steps (10 points): Walk 1000 steps.
    Biological Warfare (100 points): Get killed by the DGen before it escapes.
    Bombs Away (25 points): Die before the tower is destroyed.
    Carer (30 points): Save all the people on one floor.
    Demolition Man (20 points): Destroy all objects on one floor.
    Ex-Pacifist (10 points): Pick up a gun.
    Hero (50 points): Visit all the rooms, save all the survivors and complete the game.
    Ice Cold (10 points): Use the freeze device.
    I Will Walk 500 Miles (30 points): Walk 100000 steps.
    Last Man Standing (50 points): Kill all survivors.
    Making Friends (50 points): Save a survivor.
    No Man Left Behind (100 points): Save all the survivors.
    Sign Here Please (50 points): Deliver the package to Derrida.
    Sort Of Finished (50 points): Complete the game but do not clear all the rooms.
    Speed Runner (50 points): Finish the game with a fast time.
    Troubled Toddler (20 points): Walk 5000 steps.
    Close Call (10 points): Escape just as the tower is coming down!
    Pest Problem (10 points): Kill an AGen.
    Out Of The Frying Pan (10 points): Kill a BGen.
    What Was That? (10 points): Kill a CGen.
    Piece Of Cake (20 points): Kill the DGen.
    You Shall Not Pass! (10 points): Activate a shield.
    Breaking Toys (25 points): Destroy everything in the tower
    Lazy Person's Lockpick (10 points): Pick up a security key.
    Kleptomaniac (20 points): Collect all the items
    To Boldly Go (10 points): Enter virtual reality.

Additionally, there are 13 secret achievements:

    Exterminator (10 points): Kill a survivor.
    Fire In The Hole (10 points): Throw 10 grenades.
    Loose Cannon (30 points): Kill 10 survivors.
    Joining Genoq (10 points): Be swallowed by an A-Gen
    Pancake (10 points): Be crushed by a B-Gen.
    Toxic Waste (10 points): Be touched by a C-Gen.
    Not So Lucky (10 points): Be killed by the DGen.
    Explosion Magnet (10 points): Be shot by a worm!
    Ooo Tingly (10 points): Be electrocuted 10 times.
    Are You Enjoying This? (20 points): Be electrocuted 100 times.
    Ex-Courier (10 points): Be killed once on your delivery.
    Are You Even Trying Anymore? (20 points): Be killed 100 times on your delivery.
    Well That Was Smart (10 points): Be killed by your own bomb.
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