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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    A King's Ransom (15 points): Complete Chapter 1: Thorian Palace.
    A Pyrrhic Victory (15 points): Complete Chapter 2: Sedge Dale.
    Man's Best Friend (15 points): Complete Chapter 3: Voleglade Village.
    Lawyering Up and Eating Crow (15 points): Complete Chapter 4: The Floating Isles.
    Web of Deceit (15 points): Complete Chapter 5: Goblin Slums.
    A Debtor's Burden (15 points): Complete Chapter 6: Abandoned Crystal Mines.
    Vacation Plans (15 points): Complete Chapter 7: Forest Laboratory.
    Riches and Rewards (15 points): Complete Chapter 8: Riptide Beach.
    Pyramid Scheme (15 points): Complete Chapter 9: The Shrinewood.
    Insurance Fraud (15 points): Complete Chapter 10: Drakken Badlands.
    For Guts and Glory (15 points): Complete Chapter 11: Gas Swamps.
    Actuary of Valor (90 points): Complete Chapter 12: The Nether Realm.
    Adjuster of the Undead (90 points): Beat campaign on New Game+ mode.
    Corporate Recruiter (30 points): Recruit all six heroes.
    Magician's Apprentice (30 points): Learn all hero spells at Rank 1.
    Ultimate Wizard (90 points): Upgrade all hero spells to Rank 2.
    Good Samaritan (30 points): Accept and complete 50% of all missions.
    Questor Extraordinaire (30 points): Accept and complete 75% of all missions.
    Mission Mastery (90 points): Accept and complete 100% of all missions.
    Trainer's Apprentice (30 points): Reach experience level 10.
    Muscle Machine (30 points): Reach experience level 20.
    Experienced Mentor (90 points): Reach experience level 40.
    Monster Trapper (15 points): Defeat a total of 150 monsters.
    Monster Hunter (15 points): Defeat a total of 300 monsters.
    Monster Killer (25 points): Defeat a total of 600 monsters.
    Monster Terminator (30 points): Defeat a total of 1200 monsters.
    Monster Demolisher (30 points): Defeat a total of 2400 monsters.
    Monster Destroyer (90 points): Defeat a total of 4800 monsters.
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