Electronic Super Joy



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Mass Murder (30 points): Murder the Pope.
    As You Wish (30 points): Survive Glorg.
    Rear-venge! (30 points): Defeat The Groove Wizard.
    Can't Touch This! (30 points): Survive 40 seconds in 'Slow Dance' without dying.
    Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza (30 points): Clear 'Slow Dance' without killing anything.
    Make Love, Not War (30 points): Clear 'Babylon' without killing anything.
    It's Called 'Butts' Now (10 points): Clear Level 'Flap Your Brains Out.'
    So Good I Ripped My Pants (10 points): Clear 'Ol' Ball and Chain.
    Mean Green Machine (10 points): Clear every level in World 4.
    I'm a Star-vivor! (30 points): Clear level 'Run Coward' without dying and collecting the Stars.
    Get To The Chopper! (30 points): Clear level 'Over By Christmas' without dying and collect both Stars.
    So Long And Thanks For All The Stars (50 points): Collect every star.
    Damn Right, It's Better Than Yours! (50 points): Beat all Gold Times.
    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle! (100 points): Earn 0 deaths on every level.
    Electronic Super Done! (120 points): Get every Star, beat every Gold Time, and earn 0 deaths in every level.
    Electronic Super King! (0 points): Earn every Objective.
    That was easy! (10 points): Go through your first portal in Infinite Love Mode.
    Clumsy Lover (30 points): Go through five portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.
    Smooth Lover (30 points): Go through ten portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.
    Super Lover (30 points): Go through fifteen portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.
    Turbo Lover (30 points): Go through twenty portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.
    Infinite Lover (30 points): Go through twenty-five portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.
    Green With EnV (10 points): Clear 'A Jungle Welcome.'
    Just Like My Ex (10 points): Clear 'Emotional Mess.'
    Stomach of Steel (10 points): Clear 'The Rabbit Hole.'
    Spikey Problem (10 points): Kill Spike.
    Bonus Content For All, And For All... (10 points): Complete all the holiday levels.
    One-derful! (50 points): Defeat World 1 within 10 minutes.
    Two Awesome! (50 points): Defeat World 2 within 17 minutes.
    So Three-ling! (50 points): Defeat World 3 within 22 minutes.
    How Four-tuitous! (50 points): Defeat World 4 within 26 Minutes.
    Thinking With Portals, Doing Science (30 points): Take the shortest route in An Evil Portal Mess.
    Jumping the Snowmouth! (30 points): Bounce on exactly 22 arrows in 'A YOLO Snow Mess.'
    Being A Level Designer Means Never... (30 points): Beat 'A Laser Danger Mess' without dying or using smash.
    What A Mess! (75 points): Complete every level in 'A Hot Sticky Mess.'
    Mopping Up (55 points): Clean the clock on all gold times in 'A Hot Sticky Mess.'
    Do Wanderers Dream of Mechanical Butts? (30 points): Bounce on less than 7 arrows in 'A YOLO Snow Mess.'
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