Corey Feldman Interview

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Shutter Bug (100 points): Fill a disposable camera with photos.
    The Life and Times of Raccoon Carter (100 points): Have a hands-on encounter with the local wildlife.
    Bee Plot (100 points): Find a bee.
    Love Turts (100 points): Adopt a turtle.
    Ol' Shoshone (100 points): Find and hear the recording of the song "Ol' Shoshone."

Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

    "Good first day." (100 points): Complete Day 1.
    "Back to work." (100 points): Complete Day 2.
    "Someone's out here." (100 points): Complete Day 76.
    "Burn the place down." (100 points): Complete Day 77.
    Firewatch (100 points): Complete Day 79.
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