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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Animal Friend (50 points): Complete the campaign without killing any animals.
    Vegetarian (30 points): Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any meat.
    Paleo Diet (30 points): Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any plants.
    Pack Rat (20 points): Expand your inventory to the maximum.
    Arctic Survivor (40 points): Equip a full seat of Bear Hide clothing.
    Seafarer (30 points): Full upgrade your raft in a single playthrough.
    Crafty (20 points): Craft every item.
    Dead Eye (30 points): Kill every animal type with arrows.
    Under The Stars (40 points): Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without sleeping in a shelter.
    Chatty (30 points): Speak with every river resident.
    Learned The Hard Way (30 points): Die in every possible way.
    The Longest River (40 points): Survive 100 miles in Endless Mode.
    River God (60 points): Survive 200 miles in Endless Mode.
    The Grey (20 points): Kill a wolf.
    Field Medic (20 points): Cure 30 afflictions in a single playthrough.
    High Ground (20 points): Reach High Ground in the Campaign Mode.
    The Path Up (20 points): Reach Angel Yards in Campaign Mode.
    The Kingdom (100 points): Reach The Kingdom in Campaign Mode.
    Forager (20 points): Eat every type of plant.
    Stay Warm (20 points): Build a campfire.
    Mechanic (20 points): Repair 1000 points of raft health.
    Invincible (20 points): After 20 days of travel, have every stat at 100% and no afflictions.
    I Been Everywhere, Man (20 points): Visit every location type.
    Pay It Forward (20 points): Start a new game with items in Aesop's bag.
    Locusta (20 points): Poison 20 wolves with tainted meat.
    Speed Boat (20 points): Travel 20 miles with the raft motor running.
    In Wolf's Clothing (20 points): Equip a full set of Wolf Hide clothing.
    Sickly (20 points): Contract every affliction.
    By A Thread (20 points): Have 10 stacked afflictions.
    Seamstress (30 points): Make 50 articles of clothing.
    Can Bearly Take It (20 points): Kill a bear.
    Snake Charmer (20 points): Lure a hostile animal into a snake.
    Iron Stomach (20 points): Eat all the bad stuff in a single playthrough.
    Death on the Trail (20 points): Die from dehydration with suffering from dysentery.
    Terraphobia (20 points): Travel 10 miles on the river without stopping.
    Hallelujah (20 points): Sleep in 20 churches.
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