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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    A Day's Work (10 points): Destroy 1,000 enemies.
    Ivy Leaguer (40 points): Complete a map other than Easy Street without the base taking damage.
    National Icon (50 points): Reach level 20.
    Defenders of Freedom (70 points): Reach level 20 with all player characters.
    They Shall Not Pass (50 points): Complete any map on hard, other than Easy Street without taking damage.
    Exterminator (20 points): Destroy 10,000 enemies.
    Out of This World (20 points): Complete 5 maps in multiplayer.
    Goose It! (10 points): Destroy an Annihilator before it deploys.
    Big Spender (10 points): Spend more than $7,500 in any map other than Easy Street.
    Beatnik (20 points): Complete any map other than Easy Street without any structure kills.
    Sharpshooter (30 points): Destroy 10 enemies with the Rifle in 5 seconds.
    Slugger (70 points): Destroy 5 flying enemies in 5 seconds with the shotgun.
    Reporting For Duty (30 points): Complete any map other than Easy Street using only infantry.
    Cranked! (50 points): Destroy 20 enemies within 1 second.
    Ice to Meet You (10 points): Freeze 10 enemies within 1 second.
    Great Balls of Fire (10 points): Set fire to 10 enemies simultaneously.
    Circuit Breaker (20 points): Destroy 50 enemies using Tesla Coils in any single map other than Easy Street.
    Cryo Baby (10 points): Throw 10 enemies at once with the Cryo Blaster secondary attack.
    Just Walking in the Rain (10 points): Destroy 200 flying enemies.
    Bring Him Down! (30 points): Defeat the Juggernaut.
    Engineer (10 points): Place 1000 structures.
    Making Bread (20 points): Sell 1000 structures.
    Negative Perspiration (40 points): Survive 10 waves of Invasion Mode.
    Clanked! (60 points): Defeat the Stalker.
    All Talk (10 points): Fail a map more than 5 times.
    Stacked (40 points): Unlock every structure and weapon.
    Square (30 points): Complete every map on normal difficulty.
    Earth's Protector (50 points): Complete every map on hard.
    Fortified! (70 points): Complete all maps on insane.
    Cloud Nine (100 points): Survive to wave 20 in Invasion mode on hard.
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