Corey Feldman Interview

CelebrityGamerZ - Corey Feldman Interview


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Spirit Sweeper (40 points): Get 1 character to level 5.
    Apparition Apprehender (40 points): Get 1 character to level 10.
    Ghostbuster General (40 points): Get 1 character to level 20.
    You Must Have a Big Couch! (50 points): Complete a single level with 4 players.
    Listen... do you smell something? (40 points): Earn 100,000 Ecto.
    Shiny New Toy (40 points): Purchase a single upgrade for any character.
    "A" is for Apparition (40 points): Get an A ranking on a single level.
    No, You Can't Self-Synergize (40 points): Get 25 Co-Op assists on a single level.
    Some Kind of Glowing Hubcap? (40 points): Collect all of Rowans ghostly devices.
    Captain Quick-Thumbs (40 points): Get the 10X bonus on the trapping mini-game.
    R-r-r-remix! (40 points): Complete a single remix level.
    All Your Ecto are Belong to Us (40 points): Earn 500,000 Ecto.
    Bustin' Makes me Feel Good (40 points): Fully upgrade a single character.
    Ghosts are Real! (50 points): Complete the Aldridge Manor level.
    A Shocking Development (50 points): Complete both Wavering Hills Asylum levels.
    Life's a Witch (50 points): Complete both St. Lou's Cemetery levels.
    It's a Series of Tubes (50 points): Complete both 13th St. Station levels.
    Pier Pressure (50 points): Complete both Queen Charlotte levels.
    Back off, Man. I'm a Scientist (50 points): Fully upgrade all 4 characters.
    Who You Gonna Call? (40 points): Get all 4 characters to level 20.
    I Love This Town! (60 points): Earn A rankings on all levels.
    How Low Can You Go? (70 points): Complete Limbo level.
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