Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The story's end (20 points): Finish the bonus adventure.
    Game, set, match (100 points): Finish all of the Domino games!
    Equally matched (50 points): Finish half of the Domino games!
    Speed reach (40 points): Beat a domino game in under a minute!
    Puzzle master (40 points): Finish a puzzle in under a minute!
    Don't skip (50 points): Solve 3 Puzzles in a row without skipping.
    Finisher (100 points): Solve all of the puzzles without skipping even once!
    Quick one (60 points): Nail a Hidden-Object Puzzle in under a minute.
    Piercing gaze (50 points): Finish 3 Hidden-Object Puzzles in a row with no hints!
    Seer (100 points): Finish all the Hidden-Object Puzzles with no hints!
    3-IN-3 (40 points): Find 3 Hidden Objects in just 3 seconds!
    Marksman (50 points): Finish a Hidden-Object Puzzle with barely any mistakes!
    The hard way (60 points): Finish the game on Expert Mode!
    Finally together! (60 points): Finish the game.

Additionally, there are nine secret achievements:

    The bottom (20 points): Pass The Golden Gate of the Phoenix.
    The wheel turns (20 points): Approach the Abyss edge.
    I thee wed (20 points): Reveal the true nature of your enemy.
    Cheating death (20 points): Make a salve.
    Strike! (20 points): Topple the trunk over the ravine.
    Fuzzy lil' fellow (20 points): Gain the little helper.
    Master hunter (20 points): Track your prey to its lair.
    Dungeoner (20 points): Pass the underground labyrinth.
    Gossip queen (20 points): Chat with all the villagers.
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