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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Starting Small (10 points): Play one round of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    Hyperplayer (20 points): Play 10 rounds of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    Hypergladiator (30 points): Play 50 rounds of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    My Pals Come 'Round a Lot (40 points): Play 100 rounds of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    Buy New Games Already (50 points): Play 500 rounds.
    Mirror Mirror (20 points): Perform 20 kills by deflecting a bullet.
    Counterstriker (50 points): Perform 100 kills by deflecting a bullet.
    Mile High Club (20 points): Travel a cumulative 500km.
    Hyperdrive Marathon (50 points): Travel a cumulative 3000km.
    Futbolista (20 points): Score 50 goals in Soccer.
    Joga Bonito (20 points): Score 100 goals in Soccer.
    The Beautiful Game (50 points): Score 500 goals in Soccer.
    Selfless (20 points): Score 5 own goals in Soccer.
    Catas-Trophy (20 points): Score 30 own goals in Soccer.
    Ace (20 points): Score 50 points in Spong.
    Slam (20 points): Score 100 points in Spong.
    Game Set and Match (50 points): Score 500 points in Spong.
    Speed Racer (20 points): Score 500 points in Death Race
    Full Throttle (20 points): Score 2000 points in Death Race.
    We Can't Stop Here (50 points): Score 8000 points in Death Race.
    Deepspace Gung Ho (20 points): Realize 1,000,000 points in Deathmatch
    Fair and Square (50 points): Score 10,000,000 points in Deathmatch.
    Cross Eyed (20 points): Play one hour of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    Square Eyes (20 points): Play two hours of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    Addicted (20 points): Play four hours of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    Obsessed (50 points): Play ten hours of Hyperdrive Massacre.
    Whoops (20 points): Perform 5 suicides.
    No Joy (20 points): Perform 10 suicides.
    Suicidial Tendencies (20 points): Perform 25 suicides.
    AAAAAaAaaAAAAAH! (20 points): Perform 50 suicides.

Additionally, there are four secret achievements:

    Undying (50 points): Win a match without being killed once.
    Hyperdrive Massacre (50 points): Score 50,000,000 points in Deathmatch.
    Super Dynamic Killing Time (20 points): Every player keep an average speed above 220km/h for the round.
    In The Fable, The Tortoise Wins (20 points): Every player keep an average speed below 78 km/h for the round.
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