Hyper Void

Corey Feldman Interview

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Overclocked (10 points): Collect your first power-up. You did? Now go and wipe them all out!
    Inbox (1) (15 points): Retrieve a dropped message from a fellow ship in the RM fleet. There is one at the end of Level01!
    Fragmentation (30 points): Crush 10 boulders in Level04. Feels good, doesn't it... Your lasers are your friend here...
    Mr. Anderson! (15 points): Get infected by the IPA virus in Level05. Um, have you updated your anti-virus database?
    Trip The Light Fantastic (40 points): Sustain 10 seconds unharmed and without shooting against the boss IPA_IRecon in Level09.
    Keep Calm and Don't Shoot (50 points): Pass through the low-energy galaxy in Level10 without shooting a single bolt. It... is... so... tempting...
    Double Delete (50 points): Pop both shells of the boss Shift_2LR in Level11. The first half is easy, but can you pop the other?
    Try Catch Finally (50 points): Make it unharmed through all the fleeing enemies in Level19... and prepare for what's coming next...
    Red Pill or Blue Pill? Neither (30 points): Discover the green gate in Level20 [beyond, beyond, beyond] the two red/blue gates.
    Garbage Collector (40 points): Wipe out 30 of the small bacterial minions puffed out by IPA_DRecurse spores in Level29!
    The Bad... (70 points): Defeat IPA_IRecon: the first incarnation of the virus in Level09. Now you know the true enemy!
    The Ugly... (100 points): Defeat IPA_VInterface: the second incarnation of the virus in Level19.
    ...And The Worst (150 points): Defeat IPA_IRecurse: the third incarnation of the virus in Level29. This is the final battle!
    #include "*.*" (150 points): Discover and collect all Secret Orbs in Hyper Void... and enjoy the level shortcuts!
    To The Last Kilo-byte (200 points): Win all 29 levels in Hyper Mode. Be proud, you have seen each and every kilo-byte this game has!
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