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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Brawl Club (45 points): Complete 1000 fights.
    Swords in space (45 points): Kill 250 players with the 'Plasma Sword'.
    Barehanded (45 points): Kill 50 players without using weapons.
    Rain of bullets (45 points): Fire 500.000 shots.
    Xenocide (45 points): Kill 4000 aliens.
    Today I'll kill you with... (45 points): Complete all weapon challenges.
    Full hangar (45 points): Complete all ship challenges.
    Mirror, mirror (45 points): Play 100 mirror matches.
    Space Lone Wolf (45 points): Win 25 1 vs 3 matches.
    Full fledged (90 points): Complete all the 21 challenges.
    Elite pilot (90 points): Complete all the 21 challenges with S rank.
    Here it comes! (45 points): Kill 250 players with the 'Quantic Slinger'.
    Welcome to the space academy (25 points): Unlock the 5th challenge.
    Train hard or go home (25 points): Unlock the 10th challenge.
    Only the elite allowed (25 points): Unlock the 15th challenge.
    The 21 space trials (25 points): Unlock the 21th challenge.

Additionally, there are six secret achievements:

    Can't Touch Me (45 points): Collect 5 defensive pods at the same time.
    Widow Maker (45 points): Kill 2000 players.
    Old School Principal (45 points): Obtain 'Old School' badge 50 times.
    Instant death (45 points): Complete 10 matches in less than 3 seconds.
    Taking you with me! (45 points): Commit suicide 50 times.
    Interstellar brawl (45 points): Fight in every single sector of each location.
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