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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Untouchable (50 points): Complete a Battle mission at mission 3 or later without taking any damage.
    Link Master (50 points): Create a match chain with 4 different types of node.
    Augmented (50 points): Equip a passive augmentation in all available slots in a single campaign.
    Against All Odds (50 points): Win a Battle with less than 5% health left.
    Fortified (50 points): Upgrade an Ironcast to over 1,250 HP in a single campaign.
    Match Master (50 points): Match 20 or more nodes in a single chain.
    Reckless Victory (75 points): Win a Battle mission at mission 3 or later without using any defences.
    It's My First Day... (25 points): Your Ironcast has been destroyed by overheating damage.
    Bloodthirsty (75 points): Kill 3 Enemies in one mission.
    Reinforcements (50 points): Purchase a new Ironcast or Commander using Commendation tokens..
    Stalwart Defence (75 points): Keep both Shields and Drives active for 5 turns.
    Highly Commended (100 points): Obtain 100 Commendation tokens.

Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

    Titanfell (100 points): Defeat Commandant René Durant.
    Rule Britannia! (200 points): Defeat the final threat facing Britain.
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