Kaiju Panic

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Just getting started (90 points): Complete every mission in zone 1.
    Cradle of humanity (90 points): Complete zone 2.
    Rising tide (90 points): Complete zone 3.
    Winter is coming (90 points): Complete zone 4.
    Hotline (90 points): Complete zone 5.
    Queen of monsters (90 points): Complete zone 6.
    Fully loaded (90 points): Unlock all upgrades.
    Saviour (90 points): Rescue all people and animals.
    All-Stars (100 points): Get 3 stars on all levels.
    Nuke it from orbit (90 points): (It's the only way to be sure) Use a nuke to kill an alpha Kaiju.
    Kaijuoligist (90 points): Unlock all Kaiju DNA cards.
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