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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Grim Reaper (100 points): Accumulate 1,000 kills!
    Master Excavator (100 points): Destroy 5,000 walls.
    Crystal Prospector (100 points): Use the drill and destroy 25 crystals in Crystal Rush mode.
    Nest Exterminator (0 points): Complete the Lightning Rampage challenge.
    Vanquisher of Worms (0 points): Complete the Worms Attack challenge.
    Trolling the trolls (0 points): Complete the Attack of the Trolls challenge.
    Playing with Fire (100 points): Complete the Dragon Alert challenge.
    Crystalor, not Chris Taylor (100 points): Complete the Crystalor challenge.
    Darkness Awaits (200 points): Take down a dark knight in the Dark Knight Army challenge.
    Laser Trio (100 points): Kill 3 other knights in a single laser shot.
    True Master (100 points): Possess 8 minions at one time.
    Hula Hooprang (0 points): Keep a boomerang around for 10 seconds.
    Exterminator (0 points): Do an extermination by killing 7 knights in a row.
    Running at Crazy Speeds (0 points): Get the max level boots power up.

Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

    Ride the Rainbow (100 points): Do you believe in magic?
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