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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Kung-Fu Hero (50 points): Complete the story mode.
    Earthquake! (10 points): Damage 7 or more enemies with one Ground Shaker.
    Lightning Rod (10 points): Defeat 8 or more enemies using Lightning in a single fight (Inklings don't count).
    Power Punisher (10 points): Hit an enemy from behind with Power Punch. Do this 30 times.
    Bullseye! (10 points): Use Magic Bow to hit an enemy at least 15m away. Do this 10 times.
    Pick on Someone Your Own Size (10 points): Finish off a Giant while giant-sized yourself.
    Wham! (10 points): Finish off an Armored Inkling while Damage Boost is active.
    Fast as Lightning (30 points): Defeat 10 enemies within 10 seconds (Inklings don't count).
    Inkling Combo Master (50 points): Hit inklings so they collide with other enemies. Do this 200 times.
    Inkling Bullseye (10 points): Hit an inkling so it collides with another enemy at least 6m away. Do this 10 times.
    Last Man Standing (100 points): Reach round 10 in Survival.
    The Professional (100 points): Defeat 200 enemies in Time Trial (5 minutes).
    Master of Not Getting Hit (100 points): Reach a time of 3:30 in Don't Get Hit.
    Inkling Hunter (50 points): Complete the Inkling Hunt with a time lower than 1:15.
    Black Belt (50 points): Reach total skill level 10.
    Kung-Fu Master (100 points): Reach total skill level 21.
    Kung-Fu Club Champion (100 points): Win all rounds of Kung-Fu Club.
    King of the Hill (50 points): Survive at least 2 minutes in King of the Hill.
    The Big Boss (100 points): Defeat Sym in Chapter 14 without using Lightning, Time Stop or Damage Boost.
    Slow Motion Master (50 points): Hit 5 different enemies during a single Time Stop.
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