Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    A Sliver of Life (10 points): Uncover the first sliver of a life.
    I Remember My Youth (50 points): Uncover the memories of your youth
    Do You Remember a Promising Life? (50 points): Uncover the memories of a promising life.
    We Remember Human Life (200 points): Uncover all memories of the mysterious human
    Precise Timing (20 points): Grab a molecule with perfect timing
    Continuity of Memory (20 points): String together 25 pieces of a memory.
    A String of Perfect Moments (100 points): String together 100 unbroken moments.
    Don't Miss A Single Moment (100 points): Don't miss a single moment of a memory's phase 2.
    A Powerful Reminder (50 points): Extract a memory with all of your power.
    A Mind Free of Barriers (100 points): Complete phase 3 with no mental blocks
    Flawless Memory (100 points): Gather all fragments of a memory.
    A Well Remembered Life (200 points): Collect every fragment of your memories.
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