Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Stay off the gear! (60 points): Complete Story mode without transforming into a single Death Dealer.
    Done and dusted! (30 points): Complete Story mode (with any character).
    Faster than the Flash (30 points): Complete Story mode in less than 20 minutes.
    Han's twin (15 points): Land the first blow in every first round of each match in Story mode.
    Curator (15 points): Watch all the pins at least once.
    Pro Gamer (30 points): Complete 100 games in Versus mode.
    Hands off my Trophy (30 points): Win a round and keep hold of the trophy for the whole of the next round.
    Hardcore gamer (15 points): Win the right to change the stage 10 times.
    United we stand (15 points): Pick your buddy up 3 times in the same game.
    He ain't heavy, he's my brother (15 points): Carry your buddy for 5 seconds in a row in the same round.
    Team player (15 points): Send your buddy the third anitrans.
    Smokin' tonight! (15 points): Complete five 4-player games in a row.
    That belongs in a museum (90 points): Collect all the pins in Collection mode.
    Perfecto! (30 points): Win a match with two perfect rounds.
    Addict! (30 points): Achieve a play time of 5 hours (not including time in the menus).
    A wolf in sheep's clothing (30 points): Choose a random character and stage and then win the match.
    Mind over matter! (30 points): Win the game after being one round down and having less than 5% life in the second round.
    Trigger happy (30 points): Shoot 50 bullets / torpedoes / missiles.
    Extreme removals (15 points): Throw 40 fridges.
    Bulletproof (15 points): Block 200 blows.
    Say my name! (15 points): Achieve 20 perfect rounds.
    Bombs away! (15 points): Complete 10 matches by throwing an object at your opponent.
    Demolition Man (15 points): Destroy all the destructible elements in the game at least once.
    Jack of all trades (15 points): Use each object / weapon in the game at least once.
    Karate Kid (15 points): Break an object thrown at you.
    Lost and found (15 points): Knock out an opponent using only objects.
    Bullseye (15 points): Hit your opponent by throwing an object from the other side of the room.
    Iron Fist (15 points): Win a match without using a single special move or object.
    Globetrotter (15 points): Play in all stages at least once.
    Twelve would be proud (15 points): Play with all the characters at least 1 time.
    King of Tokyo (15 points): Complete a match with each of the four transformations.
    Drugs are bad! (15 points): Take a single anitrans and keep it until the end of the round.
    Winners don't do drugs! (15 points): Don't take any anitrans and win the game.
    What was the point? (15 points): Transform without doing any damage.
    Overdose (15 points): Transform into a Death Dealer 5 times in the same match.
    Serena would be proud (15 points): Win five rallies.
    Table tennis tournament (15 points): Hit your opponent with an object after a six-shot rally.
    EVO here I come! (15 points): Pull off a combo with over 450 damage.
    Slacker! (15 points): Win a match with a double time-out.

Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

    You've gotta earn that gold trophy (70 points): Beat Tomie Sector without using a "Continue".
    What's up, you broke? (30 points): Avoid using a "Continue" when playing the last level.
    The real deal (30 points): Unlock Sector.
    A close shave (15 points): Press "Continue" between 1 and 0 seconds.
    Mastermind (15 points): Find the right pin combination.
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