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Shadow Fist for Talisman

At the shop menu, press Right(2), Left(2), X to unlock the Shadow Fist for Talisman.

Avatar Spirit costume

Go to Korra's Room, highlight the Avatar Spirit costume, then press Up(2), Down(2), X to unlock the Avatar Spirit costume.

Chi Blocker costume

Go to Korra's Room, highlight the Chi Blocker costume, then press Up, Down, Up, Y, X, Y to unlock the Chi Blocker costume.

Extreme mode

Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock the Extreme difficulty.

Book 1 costume

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Book 1 costume.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Down and Out (15 points): Completed Chapter 1.
    Escape from the City (15 points): Completed Chapter 2.
    The Power of Water (15 points): Completed Chapter 3.
    To the South! (15 points): Completed Chapter 4.
    Nowhere Else to Go (15 points): Completed Chapter 5.
    Sure, Come On In (15 points): Completed Chapter 6.
    That Escalated Quickly (15 points): Completed Chapter 7.
    The Aftermath (15 points): Completed Chapter 8.
    Extreme Avatar (100 points): Completed the game on Extreme difficulty.
    More than Hot Leaf Juice (15 points): Bought your first item at the shop.
    Ready for Battle (15 points): Equipped your first item on the Korra's Room.
    Zhu Li! Do the Thing! (15 points): Used your first equipped item.
    Ooooh, Shiny! (15 points): Entered the Collection Screen for the first time after finding a treasure.
    Combo Master (30 points): Obtained all combos.
    Full-Baked Avatar (30 points): Maxed out all bending types.
    Talisman Collector (100 points): Purchased 12 talismans.
    Biz-Bender (100 points): Collected every treasure item.
    Be the Leaf (30 points): Dodged 100 times.
    Right Back At Ya! (30 points): Countered 100 times.
    Kung Fu Master (30 points): Went into Clash Mode 10 times.
    Buh-bye! (30 points): Performed 100 Finishing Moves.
    Go in Peace (30 points): Spirit-bended 200 dark spirits.
    Not a Booster Rocket (30 points): Went into Avatar State 10 times.
    Good Girl! (30 points): Completed a Naga Running sequence without hitting anything.
    Knockout!! (30 points): Got 10 knock-outs in Pro-bending matches.
    Face-Off (30 points): Won a Face-Off in a Pro-bending match.
    The Fire Ferrets Strike Again! (100 points): Completed the highest difficulty of Pro-bending.
    Jill of all Trades (30 points): Completed all tutorials.
    My Cabbages!! (30 points): Collected 10 cabbages.
    Hop Hop Hoppity (30 points): Jumped 100 times.
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