The Living Dungeon



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Not Dead on Arrival (20 points): Manage to not screw up the first level.
    All the Murderous Basics (20 points): Finish Level 3.
    Enough Hand Holding (40 points): Finish Level 7.
    A Puzzling Development (50 points): Finish Level 12.
    Sneaky Lizard Face (40 points): Finish level 19.
    Heroic Sacrifice (100 points): Finish the game.
    Keeping it Canon (50 points): Complete 8 bonus objectives.
    Happy Ending (100 points): Finish the game with all bonus objectives.
    Wretchedly Violent (50 points): Have 200 wretched die.
    A Song of Death and Death (70 points): Destroy 20 shadows, and 20 sentinels.
    I Hate That Colour (40 points): Kill two members of the same team on your turn.
    Thief, Liar, Cheat, Proud (50 points): Win a game without directly killing anyone with at least 3 A.I. opponents.
    Just Happy to Take Part (30 points): Complete a multiplayer game.
    Lots of Dead Friends (50 points): Win an assassination game with 6 or more players.
    Pure Evil (40 points): Force a draw or Sudden Death as a human DM, with at least 1 A.I opponent.
    Violence is the Answer (50 points): Cause the death of two other players on your turn.
    Because Your Face (30 points): Assasinate a player that isn't your target in a game with at least 2 A.I. opponents.
    Live and Let Die (50 points): Stay alive for the duration of a multiplayer game with at least 3 A.I. opponents.
    Epic Bias (30 points): Win a multiplayer game on the DM's turn.
    Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Badass (50 points): Win a multiplayer game with the DM biased against you and at least 2 A.I. opponents.
    Into Darkness. Literally (40 points): Kill someone indirectly with a shadow.
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