Magnetic: Cage Closed



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Cage Closed (150 points): Find all 9 endings.
    Making Karen Proud (20 points): Complete “Hard WMMPs” in less than 10 seconds, without touching the floor.
    Watch This! (20 points): Complete “Trick Jump” in less than 8 seconds.
    Quick Thinker (75 points): Play through all tiers and pick an ending in under 2 hours & 30 minutes.
    Speedrunner! (150 points): Play through all tiers and pick an ending in under 1 hour & 15 minutes.
    Three Dimensions Are Nothing to Me (20 points): Complete “3D Puzzle” in less than 60 seconds.
    Never Liked the Playground Anyway (20 points): Complete “Seesaws” in less than 20 seconds.
    Too Close! (20 points): Trigger a spike trap with your body... and survive.
    Nature's Elements (20 points): Endure the pains of electricity, poisonous gas and fire in a single level, and live to tell the tale
    Careful... Careful! (20 points): Complete “Columnial” without being burnt by any flamethrowers.
    I'd Rather Climb than Crouch (20 points): Take the high road in “Crouch And Climb”.
    Airborne (20 points): Fly all the way to the lever without touching the ground in “I'm Flying!”.
    A Dunk and a Three Pointer (20 points): Hit both buttons in “The Pit” from the topmost platform.
    Ain't Nobody Got Time fo' That! (20 points): Complete “Target Practice” without hitting both buttons.

Additionally, there are 15 secret achievements:

    Let the Trial Begin (20 points): Picked up the D-27 Magnetic Propulsion Device.
    Remembered the Boxes (20 points): Chose the correct number of boxes in "Choice Cube: Remember the Boxes".
    We Can Rebuild It, We Have the Technology (20 points): Acquired a stable version of the D-28 prototype.
    Coup de Grâce (20 points): Saved XE-47629 from the horrors of the trials.
    A Chance at Life (20 points): Granted XE-47629 the opportunity to avoid certain death.
    Pick Your Poison (20 points): Chose a path in "Choice Cube: Three Paths".
    Better Safe Than Sorry (50 points): Accepted the Governor's pardon.
    Disregarding the Constabulary (20 points): Left confinement without proper escort.
    Second Hand (20 points): Found the Magnet Gun in Tier 3.
    Crossing the Rubicon (20 points): Pick a path in "Choice Cube: A Matter of Trust”.
    There Are Many Like It, But This One is Mine (20 points): Picked up the Magnet Gun in Tier 4.
    Trust Issues (50 points): Made a final choice in "Ending: Trust".
    There Can Be Only One (50 points): Made a final choice in "Ending: Vengeance or Freedom".
    Game Over (50 points): Made a final choice in "Ending: Are We Done Playing Games?".
    Duty Calls (5 points): Go to the public bathroom.
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