Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Used Jump (20 points): Jump!
    Used Dash (20 points): Run around.
    Used Ground Pound (20 points): Do a groundpound!
    Recycled 10 Scrap (20 points): Try recycling some scrap.
    Completed Tutorial (20 points): Finish that tutorial.
    Rank 1 (40 points): Beat the first zone.
    Rank 2 (50 points): Complete the second zone.
    Rank 3 (60 points): Complete the third zone.
    Rank 4 (70 points): Complete the fourth zone.
    Scrap Master (30 points): Why scrap one at a time?
    Minor Scrap Master (30 points): Take out a group of minor bots.
    You Da Bomb (30 points): Take out the bombs.
    Bot Smorgasbord (30 points): Mix up that bot destruction.
    Big Scrap (30 points): How much scrap can I put in this thing?
    Going Green (40 points): Keep on scrapping.
    Eco Warrior (60 points): More scrap needed.
    Grand Master Scrap (80 points): Feed me more scrap!
    King of Recycling (100 points): All the scrap!
    Max Recycler (50 points): Be generous to the recycletron.
    Lots of Wool (50 points): The cat won't need all this wool.
    Beaucoup de Poop (50 points): That bunny needs cleaning up.
    Healthy Level (30 points): Perfect a level.
    Healthy Zone (50 points): Perfect a zone.
    Used MagNet (20 points): Try using your MagNet.
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