MX Nitro



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    A HUNDRED! (30 points): Overtook a total of 100 riders.
    Brave New World (20 points): Completed the First Tournament.
    Bright Personality (20 points): Equipped a new customization item.
    Connoisseur (50 points): Bought all bikes.
    Damn Hippies (40 points): Equipped Enforcer set.
    Drag on Rage (30 points): Sped up to 180 km/h on Drag.
    First Gold (20 points): Took First place in a race.
    Fury Road (40 points): Got full Nitro Tank 100 times on Desert tracks.
    Gotta Do'Em All (60 points): Performed all 4-button tricks in the game at least once.
    Heroes Among Us (30 points): Performed Superman 50 times.
    I’m a bird (40 points): Flew 200 meters in one crashflight.
    Jackass (40 points): Crashed 300 times.
    Just the Tip (30 points): Won a race with a half-wheel lead.
    Krisp&Kreme (50 points): Perforned only Fresh tricks in Freestyle and won.
    Leagues and Legends (30 points): Won a ranked race.
    Majestic Crank (60 points): Collected all stars in Online Race.
    Might And Glory (50 points): Completed 50 challenges.
    Quest Stalker (60 points): Collected all Track Quest's marks.
    Slumcat millionaire (50 points): Earned a total of 50000 credits on Slums races.
    The fastest hand on the wild west (60 points): Got 5000 Trick Score in one combo.
    The Road Goes Ever On (20 points): Got level 3.
    Unicycle (30 points): Drove 1000 seconds on rear wheel.

Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

    Buddha's Blessing (30 points): Finish a race with 108 seconds time.
    Doomed (30 points): Found his Doom.
    Mum Told Me To Be Careful (30 points): Rode to finish without crashing.
    The last airbender (30 points): Spent a total of 5 minutes in midair.
    Thug Life (20 points): Made a flashy finish.
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