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Easy "HATERS GONNA HATE." achievement

Dance through the entire level, and not just after the final teleport to the Boss battle. Begin dancing before you enter the level from the hub. You will get the "HATERS GONNA HATE." achievement as soon as the Boss is defeated.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Dinorun (100 points): Beat the scrolling shooter segment without dying, as a dinosaur.
    Greedrun (100 points): Play through Fat Cake universe and eat every fat cake, with a hamburger for a face.
    Haters Gonna Hate (100 points): Dance through the first universe and don't stop for nothing.
    Hatsamingo (50 points): Collect half the hats.
    Hatsamungojungo (100 points): Collect all the hats.
    Mmyes Indeedrun (150 points): Beat Rejected Green Clone universe in under a minute, wearing a monocle and a top-hat.
    Newbie (25 points): Start playing.
    Speedrun (75 points): Finish Shotgun universe in under 60 seconds.
    Steedrun (100 points): Play through Straitjacket Darkness universe without dying, with a horse head.
    That was it (200 points): Finish the whole damn game.
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