Pac-Man 256

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    All Powered Up (100 points): Unlock every powerup.
    Maximum Power (100 points): Fully upgrade a powerup.
    Game Over (100 points): Fully upgrade every powerup.
    Staying Healthy (100 points): Eat 64 Fruit pickups in singleplayer.
    Ghost Hunter (100 points): Eat 64 Ghosts while using a Power Pellet in singleplayer.
    Dot Muncher (100 points): Eat 2048 Pac-Dots in singleplayer.
    Mission Complete (100 points): Complete 16 missions.
    Super 256 (100 points): Score a 256 in singleplayer.
    Multiplied Mayhem (100 points): Earn a x16 Ghost Multiplier from a Power Pellet in singleplayer.
    Wakka Wakka (100 points): Play a multiplayer game.
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