Paranautical Activity



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Addicted (20 points): Spend all your money gambling.
    Bottom Feeder (20 points): Complete a floor without jumping.
    Bouncer (20 points): Beat any mode with Bouncer.
    Bowie (20 points): Beat any mode with David Bowie.
    Child Abuse (20 points): Kill Dahlia.
    Chosen One (20 points): Kill a Tenchi while it's invisible.
    Completionist (20 points): Beat hardcore mode going into every room.
    Dynomite (20 points): Beat any mode with Dy-no-mite!.
    Finders Keepers (20 points): Get every item.
    Frugal (20 points): Beat hardcore mode without spending money.
    Genocidal (20 points): Kill 1000 Jimbaabwehs.
    Gilead (20 points): Beat any mode with Gilead.
    Good Start (20 points): Complete a room without taking damage.
    Gorton (20 points): Beat any mode with Gorton.
    Gotta Go Fast (20 points): Beat any mode in under 15 minutes.
    Heavy Hitter (20 points): Beat 4 floors in a row using only melee attacks.
    Heh Heh Heh (20 points): Have 69 bombs.
    Jack Of All Trades (20 points): Beat Hardcore mode with all 8 characters.
    Moneybags (20 points): Have 1000 coin dollars.
    Monster Hunter (20 points): Kill every boss.
    Nazi Hell (20 points): Beat the fourth floor.
    Nazi Killer (20 points): Beat the sixth floor.
    Night Vision (20 points): Survive a dark floor.
    Not Even Worth It (20 points): Let a boss die to poison.
    One Man Armory (20 points): Use every item.
    OP (20 points): Have 30 items at once.
    Pacifist (20 points): Complete a room without attacking.
    Padded (20 points): Have more armor than health.
    ParaNUT (120 points): Get every achievement.
    Picky Eater (20 points): Beat any mode without taking ANY items.
    Progress (20 points): Beat the second floor.
    Redial (20 points): Get two ghosts at once.
    Serious Player (20 points): Beat Hardcore mode 10 times.
    Sure Footing (20 points): Complete a hole floor without falling in.
    Tank (20 points): Beat any mode with Tank.
    There's More? (20 points): Figure out how to get to the 8th floor.
    Too Easy (20 points): Win a Dahlia fight without taking damage.
    Tough Guy (20 points): Kill 100 Gileads.
    True Victory (20 points): Beat Hardcore mode.
    Twice The Fun (20 points): Kill Dahlia after she spawns every set of enemies. Twice.
    Tyrus (20 points): Run out of superweapon ammo.
    Unsure Footing (20 points): Fall into a hole in a hole floor.
    Untouchable (20 points): Complete a floor without taking damage.
    Victory! (20 points): Beat normal mode.
    Who Ya Gonna Call? (20 points): Get a ghost and survive the floor.
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