Party Hard


Easy "Cunning" achievement

Play the "Casino" level and start killing people. Allow yourself to be spotted up to two times, then kill a cop to get the attention of the FBI. When there are between eight to ten people remaining, kill someone and allow yourself to be seen. Once the police arrive, run up to the stage, stand next to the swinging cable, and repeatedly press [Trap]. If timed correctly, the cop will die and the FBI will appear. Kill the remaining guests without running into them. Note: You can use any type of trap to kill the officer, as well as the gumball machine next to the kitchen.

Easy "Engineer" achievement

Successfully complete three levels without using traps. It is recommended to play as the cop, as he cannot use traps, preventing accidental use of them. Playing the same level three times consecutively will qualify.

Easy "Hellhound", "Murderer", or "Slayer" achievements

Throw a smoke (recommended) or stun grenade into a group and wait nearby. After it explodes, run in and kill as many people as possible. The red symbol that appears above their heads indicates they cannot see anything and also cannot be seen by others, making it easier for you to escape undetected.

Easy "Jockey" and "Unbowed" achievements

Play the final level, "Underground Sick". Activate the horse or zebra. Activate the steam at the very bottom and walk into it. Repeat this process as many times as needed.

Easy "Loser" achievement

Play the "Beach Party" as the woman. Go to the phone, make a call, and allow the zombies to appear. After they infect everyone, kill them until only one remains. Then, go to the streets and get run over by a car.

Easy "Ninja" achievement

Play the "Beach Party" as the woman. Go to the phone, make a call, and allow the zombies to appear. After they infect everyone, begin killing them. The other zombies will ignore the dead ones. You will get the "Ninja" achievement after killing the final one.

Easy "Unbowed" achievement

Play the final level, "Underground Sick", and walk down to the horse. Allow it to kill you with a kick, then reload the level and repeat the process as many times as needed.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Start Party Hard (25 points): Start Party Hard.
    Clubber (50 points): Play Party Hard 100 times.
    Butcher (50 points): Kill 1000 people.
    Wait, It Will Be Fun (25 points): Use traps 50 times.
    Garbage Collector (25 points): Hide 50 bodies.
    Engineer (50 points): Pass level without traps 3 times.
    Murderer (25 points): Kill 10 people in a row.
    Slayer (50 points): Kill 15 people in row.
    Hellhound (50 points): Kill 20 people in row.
    Chase breakers (50 points): Escape cop 5 times.
    Unbowed (50 points): Die 100 times.
    Hey, Stop! (25 points): Kill person who runs to call police 20 times.
    Retribution (50 points): Kill all robbers in Casino level.
    Mmmaniac! (25 points): Complete the game.
    Loser (50 points): Lose level with 1 alive person.
    Lol, Really? (50 points): Complete all achievements.
    I'm sexy and I know it! (25 points): Get you ass kicked for dancing.
    Sweet dreams (25 points): Kill 50 stunned persons.
    Jockey (50 points): Kill 50 persons with horse.
    Runner (50 points): Complete level in 3 minutes.
    Rider on the storm (25 points): Kill 15 people with one car.
    Venomous rush (25 points): Poison 100 people.
    Cunning (50 points): Complete level with FBI.
    Shadow master (25 points): Kill 30 people without alarm in one level.
    Ninja (50 points): Complete level without found body.
    Cath me if you can (25 points): Escape from cop.
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