Q*bert: Rebooted

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Classic Master (200 points): Complete Level 5 in Q*Bert Classic.
    New*bert (200 points): Complete Q*Bert Rebooted.
    Q*Bert-o-rama (100 points): Unlock all of Q*Bert's skins.
    Snake Surprise (25 points): Get crushed by Coily 25 times.
    Green Machine (100 points): Collect 30 green freeze balls in Q*Bert Classic.
    Ugg! (25 points): Get smashed by Ugg 25 times.
    Coin-op Collector (100 points): Collect 5,000 gems.
    Down for the Count (50 points): Die 100 times.
    Disc Rider (50 points): Ride 50 discs.
    Almost there! (150 points): Get close to finishing Q*Bert Rebooted.
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