Quest Of Dungeons

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Easy breezy? (40 points): Beat Game in Easy.
    Some challenge (60 points): Beat Game in Normal.
    How hard can it be? (70 points): Beat Game in Hard.
    Trickery (30 points): Beat Game with Shaman.
    Willpower (30 points): Beat Game with Warrior.
    The mana within (30 points): Beat Game with Wizard.
    From a distance (30 points): Beat Game with Assassin.
    Fly you fool! (60 points): Beat Game in 30m.
    Key Master (20 points): Unlock a door.
    I have the key (20 points): Unlock Chest.
    Shopaholic (20 points): Buy all stock.
    Paper boy (10 points): Complete a quest.
    You have 50 jobs (50 points): Complete 50 quests.
    Dangerous path (30 points): Defeat a Boss.
    Every corner (60 points): Find 50 hidden stash.
    Gold Collector (70 points): Collect 500k Gold.
    Listen Closely (10 points): Listen carefully!
    Is this Hell? (80 points): Beat Game in Hell.
    Ghost from the Past (40 points): Defeat 3 ghosts of a past Hero.
    Revenge of the Jellies (40 points): Beat Rackan Mansion.
    The Architect (70 points): Beat a Custom game in Hard or above with 10 floors.
    Rock on! (30 points): Beat Game with NecroDancer.
    Beat the odds! (50 points): Disarm a trap that has loot!
    The Slayer! (50 points): Beat 20 Bosses.
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