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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Yoink! (10 points): Extract a Core from an enemy.
    Ding! (10 points): Level Up a Corebot.
    End of the Beginning (30 points): Complete the Granite Steps.
    Workbench Apprentice (30 points): Craft a Part.
    Safe Harbor (20 points): Find the entrance to Pylon 512.
    Matched! (30 points): Kill an enemy by Color Matching.
    Terraformer (30 points): Restore power to Pylon 512.
    Color Cannon (30 points): Upgrade Joule's Energy Rifle.
    The More The Merrier (30 points): Seth joins Joule's Crew.
    Three's Company (30 points): Duncan joins Joule's Crew.
    Ready for Takeoff (40 points): Make a FL1-R Frame.
    Toxic Transit (30 points): Complete the Warren.
    Affinity Matrix (40 points): Find all of the Energy Rifle Attachments.
    Journey's End (40 points): Complete all Story Missions.
    Identity Crisis (40 points): Put Mack into a non K-9 Frame.
    Stronger And Stronger (40 points): Use Core Fusion to increase a stat on any Core.
    Dressed For Success (40 points): Outfit a Corebot with a completed Part Set of any type.
    Rapid Removal (30 points): Perform an instant extract.
    That'll Leave a Mark (30 points): Smash something using the AP-3 Frame.
    Workbench Adept (10 points): Craft 10 Parts.
    Descent into Madness (10 points): Find All of Julius Roldán's log book entries.
    Love You, Kiddo (10 points): Find All of Thomas Adams's log book entries.
    Dust Devil (10 points): Find All of Natalie Bright's log book entries.
    For the Revolution! (10 points): Find All of Violet's log book entries.
    Juggler (10 points): Achieve a Combo of 20.
    Master Juggler (10 points): Achieve a Combo of 40.
    Charged Up (10 points): Cause over 10000 Damage in one hit.
    Sticky Fingers (10 points): Perform 20 instant Extractions.
    Locked And Loaded (10 points): Max out Joule's Energy Rifle level.
    Well Fed (10 points): Max out one friendly Core through Core Fusion.
    All Grown Up (10 points): Max out a friendly Corebot to level 30.
    The Architect (10 points): Find Every Blueprint set.
    Big Game Hunter (10 points): Complete all Hunting Challenges in one category.
    Never Felt Better (10 points): Upgrade Joule's health to its maximum.
    Prismatic Perfection (10 points): Find all the Prismatic Cores.
    Core Catcher (10 points): Extract 25 Cores.
    Core Collector (10 points): Extract 50 Cores.
    Core Connoisseur (10 points): Extract 100 Cores.
    All The Monies (10 points): Collect 50000 E-Turner.
    Let's Do This, Violet! (10 points): Use a Fast Travel station.
    Spelunker (10 points): Complete every Dungeon once.
    Sand Scratcher (10 points): Dig up 10 items using a K-9 Frame.
    Dune Demolisher (10 points): Dig up 20 items using a K-9 Frame.
    Light As A Feather (10 points): Glide for 20 continuous seconds using an FL1-R Frame.
    Bargain Basin (10 points): Find all Hardware pickups in the Lonely Basin after Plyon 512 is repaired.
    Cradle Robber (10 points): Find all Hardware pickups in The Cradle.
    Exclusion Zoner (10 points): Find all Hardware pickups in the Shifting Sands.
    Core Swapper (10 points): Use every Lethal combination.

Additionally, there are five secret achievements:

    So You're Victor (30 points): Complete the Core Foundry.
    Paradise Central (30 points): Reach Far Eden Tower.
    And Stay Down! (40 points): Defeat Victor at the bottom of the E-Tower.
    Workbench Artisan (10 points): Craft 25 Parts.
    Workbench Wonder (20 points): Craft 50 Parts.
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