Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Box Art
System: Xbox One
Dev: The Coalition
Pub: Microsoft Game Studios
Release: August 25, 2015
Players: 1-2 co-op; 1-10 PvP
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080i Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Strong Language
A Well-Oiled Machine
by Sean Engemann

It's hard to believe it's been almost nine years since we were first graced with Gears of War. Ahead of next year's release of the newest installment with Gears of War 4, newly appointed series developer The Coalition has dedicated the past eighteen months to painstakingly recreating the original. A few added chapters and the full gamut of multiplayer modes comprise the majority of new features. Thus, you could attempt to dismiss Gears of War: Ultimate Edition as a mere facelift, but it would easily rank as one of the best graphical makeovers to date. And that's saying a lot considering the original was arguably one of the best looking games of its time, one that could still stand up to the scrutiny of today's technical standards.

Our introduction to humanity's last-ditch effort against the hostile subterranean race called the Locust Horde still exemplifies one of the greatest against-all-odds struggles found in gaming. Yet my seven-hour jaunt through the game's five acts brought to bear the harsh expectations we seem to place on plot depth in today's games. Gears of War keeps the story simple, focusing on the Hail Mary play tossed to Marcus Fenix and his squad to eradicate the heart of the Locust's underground tunnel network. The story glosses over Fenix and his prologue incarceration, as well as the background between him and his father. There are mere hints of Cole's celebrity as a former professional Thrashball player, and Dom's and Baird's back stories are virtually non-existent. For all intents and purposes it's four beefcakes cutting through waves of enemies. But oh how fun the cutting is.

Gears of War revolutionized the cover-based system back in 2006, and remains the high bar that every third-person shooter since has attempted to replicate, though few have succeeded. In Ultimate Edition everything is refined, from the smoother frame rate to tighter controls and the return of that oh so satisfying feeling when you nail the rhythm of the active reload. Though the controls have been fine-tuned, you'll find other parts of the gameplay retain their rather generic roots. Weapons, for example, are limited for the most part to the standard archetypes: pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc. The exception, of course, is the Lancer assault rifle with its chainsaw bayonet, a staple throughout the entire campaign. Once I had that paired with the explosive tipped Torque Bow and magnum style Boltok pistol, my weapon arsenal was set for the game. Each of the few Locust types maintained rigid combat tactics that were easy to memorize. However, that didn't make the firefights any less intense. Even on Casual difficulty the AI was aggressive, and launching yourself thoughtlessly into the fray will quickly find you on the wrong end of a chainsaw.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Screenshot

Making use of the environment is key to survival. The game meticulously places cover points around the map. Perfectly angled sandbag walls and concrete slabs are readily available to exploit. The tight controls make for quick transitions between these defensive points, allowing you to advance or retreat while keeping your focus on enemy location, a necessary component since there is no mini-map pacifier shoved into your HUD. On the more challenging difficulties, skilled use of cover is vital, as a shot or two could easily drop Marcus, preserving Gears of War as one of the toughest shooters on the market.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Screenshot

Scouring the campaign for COG tags not only awards achievements, but unlocks pages to a collection a four comics. These skillfully drawn strips provide a heart-wrenching backstory on the characters and history of the war, rewarding you with some exposition not found in campaign itself.

After the campaign, heading over to the multiplayer could easily fill up your hours all the way to the release of Gears of War 4. Ultimate Edition is loaded with nineteen maps and a full spread of modes including the intense Annex and skillful Warzone. Team Death Match and King of the Kill are newly added modes, both of which I had satisfying (albeit disastrous) matches with. The pre-release community was sparsely populated, though patience did reward me with a full roster of ten (not eight like in the original) players to test out the maps and modes, with an impressive list of characters from the entire series to play with. The quality of the environments made both the multiplayer and solo campaign a more immersive experience.

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