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Madden NFL 15 Box Art
System: Xbox One, PS3, PS4*, Xbox 360
Dev: EA Sports
Pub: Electronic Arts
Release: August 26, 2014
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p

Now when playing defense you will have the option to rotate the camera so it is behind the defense. No more will you have to try and judge the play based off just the line of scrimmage. Now you will be able to see how the opponents are moving and make necessary adjustments to your play style as needed. Such a small adjustment has truly changed the way gamers will experience Madden for years to come.

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With the new additions, you would think that the control mechanics we’ve come to love would be hindered. In actuality, the controls are some of the strongest I have ever experienced in a Madden title. There are a few “button-mashing” scenarios, but this could just be my own way of playing the game. I like to mash things, so that might be why I appreciate the tweaks to the defensive gameplay. Now if I could just figure out how to get Hulk as a playable defensive lineman, my Madden experience would be complete.

Graphically, what can I say? It’s beautiful. The stadiums have always looked great, the crowds in the seats have personality (while not at crazed fan levels), players move fluidly on and off the field (with the traditional Madden exceptions), and the weather effects are wonderfully captured. Complimenting the graphics are the authentic gridiron sounds. Sure, the announcers tend to talk too much, but they do at actual football games too. Regardless, the voice work is solid and authentic. This has always been one of the more accurate aspects of the Madden titles. This is no exception to what has become standard for the franchise.

So that time of year has come--new games, new FOOTBALL!!! Ultimate decision time. Madden NFL 15 could be skipped, but you’d really dislike yourself if you missed out on all the good this year’s installment brings. So stop debating, stop delaying, stop procrastinating and get your copy--you’ll be glad you did. See you on the field!

Matt Walker
Date: August 21, 2014

This is one of the best-looking Madden titles I have played.
While there has been some refinement to the controls, there’s still room for a lot of improvement.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Love it or hate it–it’s Madden.
Play Value
Once again, it’s Madden and everyone’s experience with Madden is different.
Overall Rating - Great
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • See defense through a whole new lens with all-new camera angles that let you attack the play from the defensive’s perspective. Lock in on a single defender and go for the big play or follow the action wherever the ball goes.
  • Utilize a new set of pass rush tools to beat your blocker and disrupt the backfield. New mechanics to jump the snap, shed blocks and steer offensive linemen put your in control and make defensive linemen more powerful and versatile than ever.
  • Broadcast and NFL Films–inspired presentation redefines the way games are presented. New cameras capture the emotion of every play from fresh new perspectives, and choose from 6 gameplay cameras pre-snap to get the best view of the action.
  • The new pre-game and halftime shows, complete with studio commentary, tell the story of the game, with special emphasis on game-changing matchups and big play highlights.
  • A revolutionary recommendation engine utilizes data from millions of online games to surface the best selection of plays possible for the match-up and situation. Sort from traditional sets and formations, to expert recommendations, to what’s working the best in the Madden NFL community.
  • Skills Trainer has been expanded to teach not only gameplay skills, but strategy and football concepts as well. Learn how to read zone defenses, when to hot route a receiver, and more with nearly 50 new tutorials and drills. Once you’ve mastered the basics, enter The Gauntlet where your skills will be put to the ultimate test through intense challenges and boss battles.

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