Quantum Break Review
Quantum Break Box Art
System: Xbox One, PC
Dev: Remedy Entertainment
Pub: Microsoft Studios
Release: April 5, 2016
Players: 1 Player
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080i Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language

From live action to in-game visuals, the production quality is excellent. During the live action sequences, cinematography sets up great camera angles to set the tone, with fight scenes dancing the camera's focus around to deliver a flurry of action. I did expect a heavier use of CGI considering the premise of the story and its prominence within the game. When you take control of Joyce in the game, the effects are stunning. Every power unleashed warps your surroundings, and the jagged, glass shatter look when frozen in time (and its intensification as the campaign progresses) highlights the stunning graphical quality as well as the anxiety and trepidation of the dire situation. The backgrounds for each act are highly detailed and worth stopping to pan the camera and take in the scene, but most fail to evoke any unease to accompany the story, and are rather just ideal locations for firefights. Facial expressions are appropriate to the dialogue, and movements are smooth and believable. Apart from a few Exorcist-like head spins during some dialogue scenes, the animations and physics are pretty spot on.

As is the full audio spectrum. From the Matrix inspired time warping effects to the fully orchestrated action movie soundtrack, everything fits the bill as expected. Weapons fire with punch, audibly enhanced as powers are used, and silenced instantly when time freezes to a disconcerting calm. And the voice acting is flawless, granting each character a distinct personality and making the entire cast memorable.


It is apparent from the first minute to the last that an epic narrative is the primary focus in Quantum Break. From the full-length live action film to the extensive emails and documents, the game beckons you to savor the internal drama and cataclysmic storyline. If you're more interested in skipping to the action, you'll likely be disappointed with the remedial difficulty and generic shooter structure. The game promotes using extraordinary time manipulating powers to defeat enemies and solve puzzles, but fails to provide a creative challenge to make them exciting beyond their visual panache. Quantum Break sacrifices gameplay for story, but it is definitely a page-turner.

Sean Engemann
Contributing Writer
Date: April 1, 2016

Environments lack the atmosphere of other Remedy games, but the details, animations, character models, and the live action sequences are stunning.
It's a passable cover-based shooter, but apart from the visual flair of Joyce's powers, doesn't offer anything unique.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
A great soundtrack, perfectly executed voice acting, and effects that give the science fiction of time manipulation a realistic quality.
Play Value
A gripping story awaits you, but the action in between hinders the experience and encumbers the pace.
Overall Rating - Good
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • When time breaks, catastrophe becomes your playground. As hero Jack Joyce, you'll fight your way through epic disasters that stutter back and forth in time.
  • Push cinematic action to the next level in this time-fractured world. Freeze time to gain the upper hand. Warp past enemies. Turn time-frozen objects into weapons with a single touch. With time itself in your arsenal, combat is never predictable.
  • Go deeper into the fast-paced world of Quantum Break with a thrilling live action companion series. Your gameplay affects how the live action story unfolds, creating a completely unique entertainment experience.

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