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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    First Try (20 points): Score A Try.
    Break On Through (20 points): Run and score a try directly after breaking out of a tackle, vs CPU (Hard).
    Bonus Worthy (20 points): Score four tries in a match, vs CPU (Hard).
    With The Breeze (20 points): Score a penalty goal or conversion from 55+ metres, vs CPU (Hard).
    Place Kick Perfection (20 points): Score on 5 place kick attempts in a row during a match, vs CPU (Hard).
    Big Touch Finder (20 points): Punt into touch for a territorial gain of 50+ metres.
    Team Work (20 points): Successful lineout throw by human-controlled players on same team.
    Long Droppie (30 points): Score a drop goal from 40+ metres.
    100 Metre Dash (40 points): Score a try after running the ball directly from behind your own goal line.
    Best Behaviour (40 points): Do not concede any penalty infringements in a match.
    Ruck Raider (40 points): Win 5 ruck turnovers in a match, vs CPU (Hard).
    Serious Rugger (50 points): Win a match against an international team rated 90+, vs CPU (Hard).
    Try Haul (50 points): Score 10 tries in a match, vs CPU (Hard) (5 or 10 min halves).
    Winning Streak (50 points): Win 10 matches in a row, vs CPU (Hard) as the lead controller.
    Premiership (120 points): Win the AVIVA Premiership title.
    Top 14 Champs (120 points): Win the Top 14 title.
    Pro D2 Champs (120 points): Win the Pro D2 title.
    Total PRO (120 points): Win the PRO12 title.
    Customary (70 points): Create and win a competition in Custom Cup featuring 20 teams or more.

Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

    Serial Pest (10 points): Get awarded two yellow and/or red cards in a match.
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