Skyling: Garden Defense

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Seedling (50 points): Complete 5 levels to unlock.
    Sprout (100 points): Complete 10 levels to unlock.
    Green Thumb (100 points): Complete 15 garden levels to unlock.
    Flower Power (100 points): Complete 20 Levels to unlock.
    Florist (100 points): Complete 25 levels to unlock.
    Master Gardener (100 points): Complete 30 levels to unlock.
    Squasher (50 points): Kill 50 monsters to unlock.
    Triple Kill (50 points): Kill 3 monsters at once to unlock.
    Perfectionist (100 points): Finish 50 levels to unlock (including replays).
    Story Time! (50 points): Learn about the Skyling story to unlock.
    Cat Hat! (50 points): Earned by bringing a cat to the exit 25 times.
    U Got This! (50 points): Play the first three levels to unlock the rest.
    Quad Kill (100 points): Use a slug to take out three other monsters.
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