Soda Drinker Pro

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    One Fine Beverage (5 points): Experience the simulation for one hour
    Effervescent Sipper (5 points): Complete Level 1!
    Start Sipping (5 points): Start the game
    Your Cup Runneth Over (5 points): Collect your first bonus soda
    Effervescent Burper (10 points): Complete Level 10
    Bonus Soda Master (50 points): Collect over 1000 Bonus Sodas!
    Effervescent Ingurgitater (25 points): Complete Level 60!
    Effervescent Imbiber (30 points): Complete Level 90!
    I Am Soda! (100 points): Completed the game, the restroom is down the hall!
    The Thirst is Real (20 points): Drink a whole soda in less than 60 seconds
    Your first guidebook (30 points): Purchase a guidebook page
    Your finished guidebook (100 points): Purchase all of the guidebook pages
    Collects Collects Collects (50 points): Collect 500 collects
    Party Time! (100 points): Beat Vivian Clark!

Additionally, there are 20 secret achievements:

    2001 A Sip Odyssey (10 points): Fall into the depths of space.
    Life without soda isn't worth living (10 points): Catch a bonus soda as you fall from the skyscraper.
    BL4CK and S1LV3R (20 points): Look up and stare at the ceiling for 10 minutes straight, that view is marvelous.
    Midnight Soda (30 points): Drink a soda exactly at midnight.
    Sip, Don't Slurp (10 points): Sit back, relax and take 10 minutes to consume 1 full soda.
    Old Man Soda (10 points): When drinking a Soda with the old man patiently wait as he teaches you about the old ways of Soda.
    Oh So Parched (30 points): Do not drink any soda for 1 hour straight.
    360 No scope soda sip (30 points): Sip a soda while spinning around.
    Ansipipation (20 points): Bring the soda to your mouth for a whole minute without sipping..
    S.K.A.T.E. (20 points): Grind the rail in the skate park.
    Sip and slide (30 points): Make it down a slide in the waterpark.
    1 Point (30 points): Make it to the bus.
    Another point (50 points): Go all the way to Vegas in the desert.
    Xtreem Friendship! (30 points): Jump over your best friend.
    Pizza Time! (15 points): FInd the sewer pizza.
    Say Cheese (or Soda) (20 points): Take a picture in the photo booth.
    Find a friend in the maze (25 points): Find the creature in the maze level.
    Earl's Soda Strike (40 points): Get a soda strike at the bowling alley.
    8 legs can hold 8 cups (15 points): Found the spider under the bed.
    Stoke the fire (20 points): Put 5 logs into the same fire.
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