Styx: Master Of Shadows

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Goblin-tossing (15 points): Kill an enemy with an aerial kill.
    Unquenched thirst (15 points): Drink 20 vials of amber.
    Watch out below! (15 points): Kill two or more enemies by making a chandelier drop on them.
    Army of clones (15 points): Create 30 clones.
    Expendable (15 points): Let 15 clones die.
    Dodge this (15 points): Kill an enemy who was bound by a clone.
    Wrong turn (15 points): Kill an enemy with a covered kill.
    Goblin snack (15 points): Give an orc one of your clones to eat.
    My precious (90 points): Gather all the treasures.
    Born in the shadow (15 points): Extinguish 30 torches.
    Tidy up your room! (15 points): No body found during a mission.
    Suicide mission (30 points): Eliminate a guard with a booby trapped clone.
    Reminiscences (15 points): Finish the introduction.
    Akenash's Atrium (15 points): Finish Mission 1.
    Master key (15 points): Finish Mission 2.
    Deliverance (15 points): Finish Mission 3.
    The creator (15 points): Finish Mission 4.
    The architect (15 points): Finish Mission 5.
    Conflagration (15 points): Finish Mission 6.
    Passkey (15 points): Unlock 20 doors.
    Sticky-fingered (90 points): Pick pocket 15 guards.
    Great power... (90 points): Unlock all skills.
    Pretentious (30 points): Do not use any item during a mission.
    Unseen, unknown (100 points): Unlock the Insignia of the Shadow for each mission.
    Indigestion (15 points): Kill an enemy by poisoning the food.
    Like looking through a wall (30 points): Manage to disable three guards, or more, inside a clone's smoke bomb.

Additionally, there are seven secret achievements:

    Renaissance (90 points): Finish Mission 7.
    Dose of his own medicine (30 points): Kill a torturer in a duel.
    Outstanding duelist (30 points): Kill 20 enemies in duel.
    Sharpshooter (30 points): Kill more than 40 guards with throwing knives.
    Sudden silence... (30 points): Kill 50 enemies without making noise.
    Serial killer (30 points): Eliminate 200 enemies.
    Music Lover (15 points): You looked at the World Tree a bit too long...
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